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The Kitties' Wiki Page!

Thanks a lot to [Neko-Chan] for this banner! =^.^=

Take a banner! Kitties' wiki banners

Whee!! We have [ 27 ] wikis now!!

If you've been in Elftown, you know what this is... but if not: this is a wiki index that will try to help you find that wiki you were looking for!

If you want your own wiki to be included, leave the name in comments, and I´ll write it in the list. Why can´t you add it yourself? Because it must be labeled and put into the alphabetic list... and that is our work. Besides, we will only include public wikis. I don´t want banners either... imagine dozens of them in one page! So, I will keep this simple...

Please tell us if any link does not work. If you want your wiki page to be deleted, write a comment!


Thanks a lot to the helpers [catelfemma], [Neko-Chan], [Blaithin] and [kittykittykitty]!
[nokaredes] is a no longer active member

These are the wiki categories, or you can check at the letter by letter list of wikis.


[May 15th *1 new wiki(s)*]

Artist wiki For all the artists, photographers and writers
3 wikis

Contest wiki Looking for a contest? Come here to find some! (also includes old contests for reference, but they do not count towards total)
2 wikis

Elfwood, Elftown and Elfpack wiki Are you a member?
1 wiki

Fan Wiki and Clubs wikis Are you a fan of somebody or something?
5 wikis

Fighting for Wiki and Anti wikis Do you support a cause? Join them!
1 wiki

Have fun wiki Looking for fun things to do?
4 wikis

Hobbies wiki Find people with likes the same as yours!
0 wikis :(

Kitties wiki How couldn't we have wikis just for felines?
11 wikis

Meetings wiki Come to chat, meet others and have a bit of milk
1 wiki

Various Unlabeled Wikis
1 wiki

Other categories can be added if they are needed. Until then, there are just a few categories

Official wikis and help wikis can be found at help and Index

Username (or number or email):


2005-06-14 [Miyuki]: Can someone please add Cat Kingdom to the list please? we just started it.....

2005-06-14 [Miyuki]: i think it should go under kitties wikis....

2005-06-14 [Gengar]: Added to the kitties wiki ^_^

2005-06-14 [Baydos]: CATS ARE CIA AGENTS!

2005-12-14 [kittykittykitty]: Where do RPs go? There is Kingdom and Feline-Humanoid Village

2005-12-14 [Blaithin]: [kittykittykitty] are you the owner of all these wiki's? We need permission from the owner before we add them :)

2005-12-15 [kittykittykitty]: Oh o.O No I'm not... ooops. Where does it say that? Hmmm OKies I'll remeber for future reference

2005-12-15 [Gengar]: You can always ask to the owner in a little message ^_^ By the way, [kittykittykitty] is now one of our helpers, in here as well as in Elftown.

2005-12-16 [nokaredes]: Then you should write that on the page ;P

2005-12-16 [kittykittykitty]: ^_^ Done

2005-12-16 [kittykittykitty]: kingdom hearts fanclub has been added

2005-12-16 [kittykittykitty]: I have had permission to add mazes, as it doesn't really have an owner... -_-' Hmm but I can't edit the Have Fun Wiki

2005-12-16 [Blaithin]: Mazes has been added to the Have Fun Wiki :)

2005-12-27 [pixie_shimmer]: Meow Graphics ;)

2005-12-27 [nokaredes]: If you're asking for that to be's already there >_>

2006-05-15 [kittykittykitty]: I had a sort through all the categories, and did a recount. Some of the letters pages have different passwords. it would be helpful if the page-owner ([Gengar] I assume) would make them the same to make adding wikis easier :) Have fun wiki is uneditable for me

2006-05-15 [kittykittykitty]: d/, f/ to j/, l/, n/, q/, r/, s/ and u/ to z/ are the ones with different passwords

2006-09-25 [5thwitch]: Cat in a Box I'm collecting photos of cats in their favourite shelter:Boxes! I have just 2 pic of Attila but I hope to see something coming from other owners!

2006-09-26 [5thwitch]: Ah, there is also Cat quotes a collection of quotes concerning cats thet I've found around the net.

2006-11-13 [badgurl2]: hello

2007-05-15 [kittykittykitty]: The end of the raven has been added to Have Fun wiki.

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