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2005-06-26 13:42:54
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Welcome to cat kingdom, its' great to see you!!!!!!

Cat kingdom sidepageThis is just a list of wiki branches, like our banners and fanart, memebers, know..stuff like
This weeks cool pic!

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2006-04-10 [kittykittykitty]: Where is the page-owner anyway? Does anybody know her?

2006-05-15 [Angel of Ice]: Last seen 200-some odd days ago...I think she's dissapeared from CH...

2006-07-15 [Felumal]: Some of us have disappeared for a long time, but we always come back. LOL

2006-07-15 [Angel of Ice]: True

2006-07-16 [Felumal]: Hello, how are you.

2006-07-16 [Angel of Ice]: I'm tired, and very glad I get two days off from work.

2006-07-17 [Felumal]: Thats good, you plan on resting.

2006-07-17 [Angel of Ice]: I get to sleep in. That's about the only resting I get to do. I guess I'm not allowed to have a day off from work where I can just sit at home and do nothing.

2006-07-18 [Felumal]: *Grins* Thats the way of life my dear.

2006-07-18 [Angel of Ice]: Unfourtunatly (Did I spell that right..?)

2006-07-25 [Felumal]: Close enough, [unfortunately], so did you get enough sleep?

2006-07-26 [Angel of Ice]: Yes..yes I did. Though I was up for about 45 minutes between 5am and 6am, but I got to go back to sleep once I got to my boyfriend's :D

2006-07-26 [Felumal]: thats cool, I don't sleep much.

2006-07-27 [Angel of Ice]: I slept too much last night...o.o

2006-07-30 [Felumal]: I have not slept in 2 days, I know that when I crash I will sleep until my body can sleep no more. LOL

2006-08-01 [Angel of Ice]: Why so long with no sleep?

2006-08-09 [Felumal]: cause I suffer from deep insomnia

2006-08-16 [Angel of Ice]: < That sucks! I'm sorry =(

2006-09-16 [Felumal]: Yea me too, sorry it has taken me so long to answer.

2006-10-10 [Makuro]: I'm back! meow :3 *plays with the bell that's on my necklace*

2006-10-23 [kittykittykitty]: :3 meow?

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