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2005-07-08 09:33:01
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::A Sign Is Stuck In The Ground...It reads::

Welcome to the village of the Humanoid Felines. If you are new to our village, please stop by our village Chief's House and sign your name with her so she will know everyone who lives here and so she can help everyone live to their fullest in our village. It may not look like much now but we are still repairing and reconstructing from a raid that occured a while ago. Not to worry though, Our village is well protected now so do not be afraid. If you have any questions, need a job of any sort, or wish to help with our village, please message our Chief, [BI] . Thank you.

As you look around all you see is a few buildings, some still being built while others are being repaired. None of them seem to be quite finished though. One building seems to still be standing a little ways down the road. You walk there and see a sign hanging over the doorway of a old, brick house. The Sign Reads::  
Chief's House, All Welcome
::You also seem to be in the Town square. But Still, No other buildings are finished.
Go To::
F-HV Chief's House - The Chief's House

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2005-07-22 [Miss Lilu]: ^.^

2005-09-16 [Bloody Eyes]: *looks around, meow, lol*

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