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2006-06-19 20:21:33
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Cat in a Box

More pics to come...

What about cats' love for boxes?

I can't believe yours doesn't try to find a box which fits him/her well...

this wiki is to the photos of your kittens in the best cat-shelter ever...

1.[5thwitch]'s Attila


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2006-07-10 [Chelsea]: my cat loves to be under the covers or under something and bite your feet ...

2006-07-13 [5thwitch]: my father teached attila how to catch feet with nails ...grr.. stupid dad!

2006-11-15 [kittykittykitty]: My cat goes crazy sometimes on my feet XD If she's got the crazies she'll attack them completely without warning and kick and scratch D: Sometimes it just really tickles, though X3

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