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2007-07-27 22:03:07
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Cat names

List some funny or unusual names you have given to your cats!
1. Pinky and Stinky (twin brothers; people had trouble telling them apart
2. Little
3. Moses
4. Bubbles
5. Diana Isis Astarte (The name of a cat in a story I've written)
6. Sassy
7. Goofy
8. Bridget (prissy siamese only)
9. SPUR (spoiled rotten)
10. Dinky-doo,Dink for short !
11. Yoda, because he has a big head like his namesake ^_^ [nokaredes]
16. That Cat, yes I have really named a cat this.
17. Lacuna, From the band Lacuna Coil
18. Ez-Go, I found him in a ez-go golf cart.
19. Bessie, which became Bessie Bunter, Bessie Bougams, Bougie, Bougams...
Plus Caper, and his sister GC... which stood for Grey Cat. Yeah, real original.
And Stalin and Adolf (Hitler, but Dolfie for short) are my Mother's cats... I named a couple of their kittens as Zorg (from Fifth Element), Shredder (from Ninja Turtles), and the last is Lucifer. Lucy for short. [BessieBunter].
20. Moo Moo Kitty, she was black and white like a cow.
21. I named our two kittens Bink, after a character in Piers Anthony's Xanth series, and Pooka, after the mythic Celtic spirit. The funny thing is, as the kittens got older, Bink grew into his character as sort of naive and spacey, and Pooka is mischevious and playful, just like the Celtic legends tell the tale of the pooka.
22. Shmoo and Shmookie
23. Pookie, Pookum, and Pookity
24. Iddle and Diddle
25. Goose
(22, 23, 24, and 25 are all for the same cat! -[Kethianna])
26. Lee (short for Leon, as he's a very cute tan and white colour, and mostly feral) and Zoro, for his ability to be both a complete flirt and a complete fool at the same time!
27. Hades - My kitty...she's named after the greek god of the Underworld. Yay! -[Leara]/[Hades]<<<Bitch
28. Bananas- She absolutly hated bananas, but we found her near a crate of them, so......[~username~]
29. Ciatee - C-A-T Say it outloud, you'll get it.
31.Mojo, he has a "M" shape on one of his sides.
32. Snookums, My first cat. [Hilinia Marionel]
33. Kitty, yup that's it.
34. Dog, yes thats the name of my friends cat ;D
35. Fluffy, Ashly, Midnight, Blacky. [Ms. JuJu]
36. Fingerprints, I Named her thet because when she was little(Younger then 6 weeks) She had these black spots on her back that looked like someone came along with ink on their fingers and but thum prints and finger prints on her back
37. Pinky of course [butterball]
38. Frogger everytime i let my cat outside hes so amusing to watch he'll go around pouncing on the frogs and giving them heartattacks [Aphrodites]
39. Noodles is my Kitty... we just like instant Noodles so it seemed appropriate at the time. Other nicknames for her includes spoodles, poodles, baraboodles and noods. [kittykittykitty]
40. Kittens name is sushi, older one sasha [Lacrisha_Night]
41. Mosi its navajo for cat [angel from your nightmare]
42.mengeladcartealopthyurgohiyiwerthojofaziquesthikillminbovincoastlilcat is my cat's name!-[sour skittle]
43. I have 8 cats their names are Angel, Frodo, Carmel, Tinkerbell, Sam, Smeagal, Precious, and Fuzz [angel from your nightmare]
44. Mouse (oh, the irony.)

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2005-02-14 [Felis Domesticus]: My first cat was Fritz, then there was Pie, she had Treehorn, Sicily, Mia, Mohammed, Olivia, and many others. Now my cat is called Zigfrieda, Ziggy for short. My boyfriend has a cat who's called Bergamot, Berger for short, and a grey and white cat called Gandalf.

2005-05-23 [hardrocker420]: Tenisha na na, a wiger cat name

2005-06-27 [Dante_the_cat]: my cats names are tina (her other name is Tina Patatina!) Jamie (dont ask my sister named him ..poor thing..) and GioGio who is named after 2 important men in my life..giovanni my boss who actually bought him for me and giorgio who is my i got the first 3 letters of their names and out i came with it!

2005-11-28 [butterball]: Wow people are now calling people b****s on this site how pathetic... Can't we all just get along!!!

2005-12-22 [darkness within]: how bout peanut and pumpkin

2005-12-22 [darkness within]: and baby

2006-01-22 [Lacrisha_Night]: first cat Diamond the marmalade and Presious, then sasha, and sushi. I have had lots of cats over the years.

2006-02-12 [Baby~girl]: HI my cats name is jazzy and gyps.

2006-03-27 [chibhi247]: Dongwa is my snowshoe

2006-07-25 [kittykittykitty]: 8 cats? :O Aren't they a handful to feed and keep out of trouble?

2006-07-26 [angel from your nightmare]: nope not really theyre all good cats they dont fight or ne thing but they do eat alot

2006-08-15 [kittykittykitty]: I can imagine they go through a lot of food :O So they don't even fight over food or anything? I think you might be really lucky with that ^_^ All the cats in my neighbourhood have been in fights ;_;

2006-08-17 [angel from your nightmare]: nope they dont fight over the food they have 2 big food dishes that alwayz have food in them...they go outside come in and eat and sleep

2006-08-18 [kittykittykitty]: Sounds like a nice kind of lifestyle :P

2008-03-18 [kittykittykitty]: Haha.... Mouse XD I should consider that for the name of my next cat :P

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