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2006-08-27 02:32:25
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Welcome friends, future owners, or present owner! The Insane Cat Cattery was founded by [Little Insane Cat] August 8, 2006 at 12:20 am. This place is where people can adopt cats and kittens of all ages, sizes, and colors who desperatly need a home.


<img:>Read through both the directions and rules
<img:>Click on Cattery to pick out the cat or kitten of your choice
<img:>Remember the number that is assigned to the cat you want
<img:>Click on the link at the bottom of the page to get back here
<img:>Click on the Adoption Form
<img:>Fill out the adoption form and send it to [Little Insane Cat] or [Darkelvenwitch]
<img:>Wait patiently for cat/kitten to arrive



<img:>the maximum number of cats you can adopt is 3
<img:>Do NOT claim any of the cats the i have done or someone else has donated as your own artwork unless you actually drew it.
<img:>If you adopt a cat or kitten please post at least one of them in your house with a link back to this page underneith or above the picture (you're certainly welcome to post all three cats or kittens up in your house =^_^=)
<img:>If you see that the cat or kitten has already been adopted please please please do NOT ask to adopt it

But that's not all! this place is not only to adopt cats, this is a wiki for all people who love and adore the felines of the world! click on --->Insane Cattery Members to add yourself to the list then go to Insane Cattery Entertainment to check out all the cool member stuff you get to enjoy. :3

I would like to say thank you to Meow Graphics for the lovely dividers. Also a record of adopted cats will be kept here: Book of Adoptions. Before you leave why don't you check out the Honored people of the Cattery where the very nice people who have helped and donated to this wiki will be recognized.


Counter started August 8, 2006.

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2006-08-08 [Darkelvenwitch]: Oooh pwetty. :3

2006-08-08 [Little Insane Cat]: you likes?

2006-08-08 [Darkelvenwitch]: It's really awesome! Even better than the last. I love the titles on the pages. the painting cat is precious!

2006-08-08 [Little Insane Cat]: yeah i have to agree, this is a definte step up from the last one =^_^=

2006-08-08 [Little Insane Cat]: i love the painting cat to ♥

2006-08-20 [kittykittykitty]: Thank you for the delivery of Capapellie :3 He's settling into my house very nicely :D

2006-08-23 [Little Insane Cat]: awww np! thank you for adopting him ^_^

2006-09-01 [kittykittykitty]: *Cadapellie enters the room and sniffs around purring* Awww he's come to say hi! :D

2006-11-26 [Ms. JuJu]: I was wondering where did you guys get those bullets?? They are cute. Sorry I've been gone from this site cause of the move, but I can check up on it every now and again.

2008-02-03 [Darkelvenwitch]: She actually made those bullets. ^_^

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