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2006-11-13 23:46:13
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Feel free to ask questions and/or donate a cat or kitten to the cattery. The adoption numbers are on the top left hand corner. For questions or donations just talk to me, [Little Insane Cat] or [Darkelvenwitch]


Age:9 months
Comments:This cat will keep you in shape. He's wild and playful and loves to chase anything fuzzy, sparkly, feathery, or wiggly. When he wants to play he'll run crazily from room to room trying to get your attention. He's very affectionate and at night will be content to snuggle under the covers with you. His favorite pasttime is to sit at the window to watch the birds and squirrels race by.




Age:2 years
Comments:This cat loves to have his tummy scratched ^_^ he enjoys the company of little kittens and doesn't mind being around dogs. he's a pretty laid back and an enjoy-life kind of cat. He has a rather interesting speckled coat that almost makes it seem like he sparkles :P


Gender: Female
Age: 7 months
Comments: She just loves to play! just make sure you don't have any loose thread on your clothes or you can be sure she'll be after it within seconds! Sometimes it seems like she is on an endless supply of engery!


Gender: Male
Age: 3 years
Comments: This is a rather large cat with unusual markings ^_^. He loves to hunt and just adores people! his tail was lost in an accident and had to be amputated but that doesn't stop him from being the happy-go-lucky kind of cat he is.


Gender: Female
Age: 2 1/2 years
Comments: She's really picky about her food and she thinks she is queen of the house! she'll sit and meow at you until you come and comb her silky fur. She needs alot of attention and you'll probably not receive any affection from her (even though deep down we know she loves you ^_^)
Notes: Brought to the Insane Cat Cattery by [Opiel16]

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2006-08-08 [Darkelvenwitch]: Ehe..-__-;; No, trust can wait..

2006-08-08 [Little Insane Cat]: ha ha ha, oh c'mon they can't be that bad!

2006-08-15 [kittykittykitty]: Oh my.... these are adorable ^_^

2006-08-15 [Little Insane Cat]: aww thank you ^_^

2006-08-21 [Opiel16]: just, if i someday actually made one would i send it thru email as an attatchment? an would i have to invent all that stuff about the cat coz im super un imaginative

2006-08-23 [Little Insane Cat]: you can send it through a message to me and if you don't want to make up all that stuff about the cat you don't have to. any one would be great ^_^

2006-08-31 [Darkelvenwitch]: #5 was adopted hun, and since you havent given me the password, you have to write the adopted!!" and write in the book of adoptions. :)

2006-08-31 [Darkelvenwitch]: whooo 6/7 adopted! ^_^

2006-09-01 [Little Insane Cat]: o_O i'm so confused! so was 5 adopted? or was it just six? 'cause unber 7 was adopted by you

2006-09-01 [kittykittykitty]: o___O Ish ther only one cat left? :O

2006-09-02 [Little Insane Cat]: yeah, i'm making more!

2006-09-02 [Darkelvenwitch]: i meant that all six cats, out of seven, had been adopted! ^_^

2006-09-03 [kittykittykitty]: I can't wait to see the new ones you're making ^_^ Are they going to be as cute as the rest? :O

2006-09-04 [Little Insane Cat]: ha ha ah i hope so!

2006-09-04 [Little Insane Cat]: i've got two new kitties up so far ^_^

2006-09-14 [kittykittykitty]: Yay! How adorable ^_^ The dark brown one I like especially :)

2006-09-26 [Opiel16]: How do ya send piccies through messages?

2006-09-27 [Little Insane Cat]: just like i put up an image on a wiki

2006-10-01 [Little Insane Cat]: kittyhugger is the comments good? or should i change it?

2006-10-29 [Opiel16]: oh yeah,its cool! its like what i would have said if my brain worked properly

2007-01-10 [Ame]: Awwww So cute

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