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2006-07-12 11:07:50
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Creating a really horrible monster!

The two aliens Abi and Bebi were discussing as they observed the earth.

A: You know these humans start to think that they rule the earth.

B: Yea, they are really horrible.

A: We should create a monster that will hunt them down.

B: Yes, that would do it! But it has to be a really horrible monster because they are already hunting the mammoths to extinction.

A: Hm... Something really horrible... It should be a hairy monster!

B: With fangs! And claws!

A: Yes! And it should love to torture and play with its prey if it doesn't eat it right away!

B: Oh, scary! And it should have a tail! And big ears and eyes that glow in the dark to hunt its prey with.

A: And it must be able to climb in trees and go into small caves so that the humans have no where to hide!

B: *starts chanting* We beg upon you, the holy genetic engineering machine, create this horrible monster that will keep humans awake at night, stalk them and also eat their food!

A: And it should lick them!

B: Lick them?!?

A: Yes, with a tongue that is like a rasp!

B: O, yes! *continues* And it should lick them with it rasp-like tongue!

A: And it should have sex infront of their children!

B: What? But that will not even be allowed in Hollywood movies!!!

A: We want a really really horrible monster, don't we?

B: OK, then, but this is starting to get too horrible... *chants* And it should have sex right infront of children!

B: I don't think humankind will ever survive this!

A: Neither do I, and if they do our monster will at least make sure their clothes are hairy and there's puke on their carpets!

B: Yea, like they would survive this! So... What should we call this monster? "mon" as in monster?

A: No, that's just not scary enough. Something about nightmares?

B: No, we want something more real! Like a disaster!

A: Hm... Like "cat" as in catastrophe!

B: Yea, that will do it!

A. Behold the monster:


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2006-07-16 [5thwitch]: aaaah too scary!!!

2006-07-16 [Hedda]: Phear!

2006-07-19 [kittykittykitty]: Hahaaha XD That's so fun!

2006-07-24 [5thwitch]: the evil monster comes with pralines!! aaarghhh!!

2006-07-30 [Paz]: I like it!! XD Poor children! They will be forever disturbed by the sex O__O

2006-08-18 [Morgana]: Hahahahhaha!!! XD XD XD
Oh the the CATastrophe is ruling the earth, really, we are their slaves :P

2007-01-17 [KwaChii! ^-^]: thats kick ass

2007-02-23 [Felumal]: Made me laugh when you sent it to me on Elftown, read it again here and made me laugh again. LOL them Aliens, smart of them to create us our own little Monsters

2007-02-23 [Hedda]: Thanks! <img:kittyemo_smile.gif>

2007-02-24 [Felumal]: Welcome<img:kittyemo_cool.gif>

2007-02-25 [eyelinertears]: lol how cute :p

2007-05-20 [Faith.Hope.Love]: This is good! Some having a bit more "catastrophe monster" in them than others. <img:kittyemo_yawn.gif>

2007-05-30 [Kieli]: Hysterical...! xD

2007-08-07 [Aria_D]: <img:kittyemo_evil.gif> xD

2007-09-13 [chugnut]: Awesome!

2008-06-09 [spice]: hey r u ok what u up 2

2008-07-07 [phoenixborn]: My Kitty ate a shoe. It was my shoe :(

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