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Post nr: 3116
Author: *Artsie_ladie* (New name: Faith.Hope.Love) Posted: (5731 days ago)
Subject: Vacuum Cleaner Kitty (Texts: 3 )

I took in a homeless cat named Fofner. He loved the vacuum cleaner. He would come running from wherever he was, when I turned it on. He wanted to be vacuumed! Silly cat! <img:kittyemo_crazy.gif>


Post nr: 3069
Author: Sasha Posted: (6008 days ago)
Subject: My cat eats olives!!! (Texts: 9 )

He becomes really crazy when he feels the smell of olives. He miaoooouuus and eats 2 or 3. Later he starts to roll over the floor as if he were a wanna-sex-female-cat...


Post nr: 2407
Author: nokaredes (*hisses*) Posted: (6464 days ago)
Subject: Chocolate (Texts: 9 )

My cat Taxi is a chocolate fiend. She adores chocolate, and seeks it out like a missile when I have a bag of Hershey's kisses in the groceries that I bring home.

Sometimes I even let her have some, even if it is supposed to be bad for cats, because who can say no to that face? @_@ And I don't want her eating the foil that it comes in (which she does if I don't give her any chocolate, unless I put it away from her...)

But she turns her nose up at milk or other dairy. So I have no clue as to why she likes choccolate so much!

Can anyone explain the psychology of that?


Post nr: 2401
Author: Hedda (monster creation) Posted: (6468 days ago)
Subject: Mjau! (Texts: 6 )

I'm just wondering: Does anyone else have a cat that almost always responds when you say "Mjau!" to it?

[Lilo] does, but I've never heard any other cat that does that.


Post nr: 1481
Author: amy servo (Check me out) Posted: (6688 days ago)
Subject: My cat's weird obsession (Texts: 15 )

For some reason, my cat LOVES knocking over glasses, cups, and bowls. Does anyone else's cat do this?


Post nr: 1330
Author: sleeping beauty (<img:img/mood/1631_1131368097.jpg> Hell NO,I WNA GO!!!) Posted: (6715 days ago)
Subject: added (Texts: 2 )

cat have feeling and also love efection so we do our best......


Post nr: 1326
Author: ryuji (pics that would not fit in my house) Posted: (6718 days ago)
Subject: pissy moods. (Texts: 57 )

my cat is always in a pissy mood any suggestions message me at [ryuji]


Post nr: 1318
Author: vanillamonster Posted: (6720 days ago)
Subject: My poem (Texts: 3 )

Here's the weird poem I made up about cats on the spot.

Cats are mysterious.
They can be fluffy.
And vicious.
Roses are red.
Cat's aren't.
Cat's are friendly.
Cat's are shy.
Sometimes mean.
Sometimes nice.
Violets are blue.
Cat's aren't.
Cat's are strange.
Cat's are normal.
Cat's are funny.
Sometimes boring.
Sugar is sweet.
Cat's aren't.
Cat's are pets.
Cat's are wild.
Cat's don't dance.
Sometimes they do.
And so are you.


write me back [vanillamonster]

i'm a people person!

i'm friendly!

more friendly than cats!



Post nr: 1179
Author: Hedda (monster creation) Posted: (6759 days ago)
Subject: A claw is stuck! (Texts: 8 )

Why do cats have such problems when their claw is stuck in for example a sweater? Why not just putting the paw forwards and the grip will loose? Haven't any cat figured this out?

I've tried to teach [Lilo], but all she has learnt is that she can tell me to fix it, or pull very hard and that will break either the thing the claw is stuck in, or the claw.


Post nr: 723
Author: Apathetic Meow (New name: nokaredes) (*hisses*) Posted: (6800 days ago)
Subject: Anyone's cat...? (Texts: 30 )

Does anyone have a cat who takes off running to be in another room and then stops on a dime to lick an itch?'s soo funny!!

What about a cat who tries to trip you as you carry in the groceries? (same cat, btw ><)


Post nr: 135
Author: zeezee Posted: (6870 days ago)
Subject: Mauw (Texts: 21 )

Well, hello everyone, my fez is definately strange, though at the minute I can't think of anything particular to tell you. He has brought back his share of mice, but thankfully, we think he is scared of them, so he doesnt catch many! He scared of almost anything-bin bags, men, boots, doors, rats.


Post nr: 21
Author: Sunrose Posted: (6907 days ago)
Subject: Mauw (Texts: 14 )

The strange minds of cats...what is it about early mornings and serenades...often when I wake up I get a concert of mauws, why are they so convinced it gets them their food faster? Maybe I like serenades! Would be very cruel though, to torture them like that!

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