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2006-05-12 12:29:49
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The CatHug frontpage image

The CatHug frontpage image is randomly selected from one of these images :
(The percentage is how often that image is shown)

<img:img/photo/5916_1145564199.jpg> by [5thwitch] 60%
<img:stuff/cathugsoso.jpg> by [Cassandrart] 10%
<img:stuff/7bdc4a25.jpg> by [raven lioncourt] 10%
<img:stuff/C%3ADocuments%20and%20SettingsamandaDesktopArtCathugEntry1.gif> by [Leara] 10%
<img:img/catimg/539_1145379315.jpg> by [Orouriel] 8%
<img:sonickalient.jpg> by [Hedda] 2%

They were taken from the CH Front Page Competition!

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2006-05-18 [~*~SHEILA MARIE~*~]: THESE ARE JUST TOO CUTE!!!!

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