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This is the page for competitions, both official and unofficial.
If you're looking for a competition to enter, just look here!

If you're holding a competition, put details of it on this page, including where to submit entries and when the competition ends. It'll be moved to Old competitions once the final date for entries has passed.

Got any ideas for contests? If you'd like the crew to make them into official competitions, simply add them at Competition Suggestions. All ideas are considered!

See Old competitions for previous contests, and maybe get some ideas for new contests here :)


Current Competitions:

[ Official Contests! ]
Earn yourself a nifty badge for your house just by entering!</center>

<center>None currently. Keep your eyes out for another competition!

[ Members' Contests! ]

Insane Cat Competitions
Get a photo of your cat's silliest face to submit ^_^

The Cat-people Character making contest!
Make your own cat-people character. Run by [SKULLHEAD]


Cat Photography Contests!
The current contest is Sleeping Cats.
Voting at Sleeping Cats Voting.

Strangest Cat Expression
Cats frequently make funny faces, and this contest was for showing off the best ones!
Go vote now on the page!


Other Contests:


Strangest Cat Quirk
Cats sometimes have peculiar behavior, and here's a place where you can compete with other cat owners to see whose cat has the most eccentric behavior!

The newest maze is here! Check out all four awesome mazes! Can you make it to the end?

Can you figure out the riddle? Win yourself a badge if you're the first to guess the right answer!


Go or return to:

Old competitions
Competition Suggestions

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2005-06-15 [Sexy Babes01]: luv the cat

2005-07-04 [chocolatemonster]: how do you create a competition

2005-07-05 [nokaredes]: Just start a can organise it however you like. ;)

2005-07-21 [Bye bye gone from CT]: GREAT

2005-08-06 [RAINBOW]: cool coz i spk 2 ma mates on it !

2005-08-11 [cat_lover]: how do i put a pic on the competition...i see that they put how to but i just cannot do it

2005-09-07 [superweasel has left CT!]: SAME AS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-09-08 [********]: woo

2005-11-28 [butterball]: I couldn't get into the uploading art rules one by the rules on this site are so corny

2005-12-27 [pixie_shimmer]: O_o

2006-01-09 [Vampire]: dufod

2006-01-21 [Lacrisha_Night]: I don't get how you cant have one of your fav. anime pics on this web site. ITS NOT FAIR

2006-01-26 [Cassandrart]: One more entry needed in the mad cat contest!!

2006-07-15 [Cassandrart]: Strangest Cat Expression: is actually in the voting

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