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Welcome to KittyRiddle!

Do you want to solve riddles? Do you want a great competition winners badge and Myaustreet recognition? Then join this round of KittyRiddle and you might be in luck :)

All you have to do is solve the riddles! The first correct entry wins the badge below!


This will go in your badges section of your house so you can show off how clever you are! :D It is not for free use: you can only receive it for winning a contest, making it even more special.

It's very simple. Try to figure out the answer to the riddles. You only get one try at each answer. Once you think you have them figured out, send your answer to [kittykittykitty] in a personal message. The first person who solves all riddles correctly will get a badge :P

Due to our users' amazing riddle solving abilities, you now need to answer MULTIPLE riddles to win... Have fun!


New Riddles:

Try to solve these!

1. Dressed in black, he serenades his lover.
Carefully I stalk him, he must not hear.
Lost in his ardor, he does not notice me.
I strip away the lovers concealment and attack!
With the mangled corpses disposed of, I sleep soundly once more.

2. I was made for wings
But not to fly
When I have wings
One lives longer, but the other one will die

What am I?

3. Named for the sound they make when foraging for human flesh, these beasts are nearly indestructible. With a thin body, rows of sharp teeth, and a mobile proboscis, each has the ability to strike out at the flesh portions of the human anatomy. Anyone bitten by one of these monsters knows the immeasurable pain that follows an attack.

Who are these indiscriminate flesh eaters?


Congratulations [insta bf] for solving the last set of riddles!

The answers were:

Q1. I can change from green, yellow to red
Sunlight I love
And Rainfall begins my existence
Through me you can start a new life What am I?

A1. A Bell Pepper.

Q2. The music ends. The woman dies. Why?

A2. The woman is a tightrope walker in a circus. Her act consists of walking the rope blindfolded, accompanied by music, without a net. The musician is supposed to stop playing when she reaches the end of the rope, telling her that it's safe to step off onto the platform. He stops the music early, and she steps off the rope to her death.

Q3. The one who makes it sells it.
The one who buys it doesn't use it.
The one who's using it doesn't know he's using it.
What is it?

A3. A Coffin

Well done with those riddles! A badge goes to you!


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