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2005-12-18 08:33:16
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Strangest Cat Expression

Cats frequently make funny faces, and this is a contest for you to show off your cats' best ones!

Deadline: December 15th, 2005

11) Which is the Strangest Cat Expression? (Administrator: [nokaredes])

Number of voters: 25
* a) [BlackDragon]'s cat Pelle
Number of votes: 1 (4%) Voters: [Kalie.]

* b) [Hedda]'s cat Stina
Number of votes: 2 (8%) Voters: [nokaredes], [Opiel16]

* c) [Leara]'s Hades
Number of votes: 4 (16%) Voters: [Leon], [keisari], [xleighx], [sammie h!]

* d) [Leara]'s Sebastion
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* e) [Leara]'s nameless kitten
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* f) [keisari]'s Panda
Number of votes: 1 (4%) Voters: [Hedda]

* g) [pixie_shimmer]'s Kitty
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* h) [Cassandrart]'s Switters
Number of votes: 13 (52%) Voters: [Kethianna], [Cassandrart], [Lifebringer], [velvetscars], [Kileaiya], [pixie_shimmer], [Neon Pegasus], [x.Andrew Hollywood], [courtney renee], [Blaithin], [Mariah], [Darkelvenwitch], [Your Enemy]

* i) [Cassandrart]'s stray kittie
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* j) [velvetscars]'s Sweety
Number of votes: 4 (16%) Voters: [Ga_Inja], [Strings and All], [BlackDragon], [kittykittykitty]

Please upload your picture to CatHug, and seperate your entry (or entries) from those of others with an <hr> divider.


The format:

number. Photo(s) submitted by: [username]
{If the photo was not taken by you} Photo taken by: Name, relation to you
Cat's name: the cat's name
Comments: anything you want to say about the picture or the cat
The Image

An example of the format:

0. Photo(s) submitted by [nokaredes]
Cat's name: Bella
Comments: None

Cat's name: Cliff
Comments: None

1. Photo(s) submitted by [BlackDragon]
Cat's name: Pelle
Comments: He had just been eating french fries, hehe...

2. Photo submitted by [Hedda]
Cat's name: Stina
Comment: It's not easy to walk on that towel, so a little swearing is in place!

3.This entrant has been disqualified

4.Photo(s) submitted by: [Leara]
Cat's name: Hades
Comments: She's so weird. @_@
Bug Eyed
Slice and Dice


Cat's name: Sebastion
Comments: My baby ; _ ; He died December 19th, 2004. Look at those big, cute round eyes.

Cat's name: No Name
Comments: Kitten was a stray my best friend was taking care of for the night, it's expressions in our short time together were golden.

7. Photo(s)submitted by [keisari]
Cats name: Panda
Comments: Caught in mid-sneeze

8. Photo by [pixie_shimmer]
Cat's name: Kitty
Comments: *^_^* It is not MY hand!


9. Photo by [Cassandrart]
Cat's name: Switters
Comments: He's so funny :D

You make kitty scared :p

This is one of the stray kitties I feed (I have 16!) She's so funny, she stuck her face on the lens LOl!

10. photo by [velvetscars]
cat's name: sweety
comments: demented or what lol

.. or pissed off<img:>


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2005-12-14 [Hedda]: Try! ;-)

2005-12-15 [velvetscars]: oh lol

2005-12-16 [nokaredes]: *smacks head* I forgot the deadline. XP

2005-12-16 [Kethianna]: bah... I guess this means I'm out :(

2005-12-16 [Kethianna]: Check out my awesome choices for entries... <img300*0:> <img300*0:>

2005-12-18 [nokaredes]: I like the first one :3

2005-12-18 [Kethianna]: Me too :P

2005-12-21 [Serena]: I wish I could have gotten my pics sooner

2005-12-22 [Cassandrart]: They rock [Kethianna]! :) Till when is the voting?

2005-12-23 [Kethianna]: Thanks :) too bad I'm too late XD

2005-12-23 [nokaredes]: erm...I haven't decided.

2005-12-29 [nokaredes]: <img:> If only this weren't my contest...and closed...then I could enter Yoda's "I vant to suck your blood!" pic XD

2005-12-29 [Cassandrart]: LMAO she looks like nothing I'd like to be around!

2005-12-30 [nokaredes]: He was yawning >_> Usually he's a sweetie <_<

2006-01-01 [Cassandrart]: He looks very soft! :) till when is the voting?

2006-01-03 [nokaredes]: 20 votes :P

2006-01-14 [Cassandrart]: [nokaredes]... That pic above^^ it may e appropriate for mad cat contest!

2006-02-08 [Cassandrart]: Mwahaha I saw those pictures you have as an example on a book named very bad cats xD

2006-02-10 [nokaredes]: :)

2006-02-11 [Cassandrart]: It's almost two months since the deadline xD

2006-02-19 [Cassandrart]: Lol in the meantime can you guys vote at: mad cat contest entries?

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