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2006-01-25 00:02:10
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Kristen's Welcome Mats

feel free to use any of these..i will get care realted ones soon i hope ^_^

















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[BlackDragon]: I love the dragon one!! Its so cute.. =)

[Kristen 5p34k]: :D thanks

[Miyuki]: I really love your welcome mats!!!

[Kristen 5p34k]: ^____^ yay! at least someone does! lol

[Anti-Cool]: They is good

[Kristen 5p34k]: thanks

[Anti-Cool]: welcome ^^

[krazycat1233]: nice so nice that i used one

[Kristen 5p34k]:   ^(._.)^ yay! :P

[Ms. JuJu]: yes you do have really good welcome mats! *winks*

[Kristen 5p34k]: - ^_______^-

[Serena]: Hey Kristen, did you forget about my requests?

[Kristen 5p34k]: ....>_>....sorry....

[magickchik]: awwww!!!i love this stuff!is pretty!!^_^

[Kristen 5p34k]: thanks :3

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