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These hard-working people make up the Cathug crew. They are the few members who work to maintain Cathug and keep things in general order. They are also the best source of assistance when you can't seem to find your way around and the wikis cannot aid your endeavors.

The Crew Members:

[sammie h!]


See the retired crew members at Retired,

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2006-06-22 [Ultiem]: tis Ultiem wondering what i can do to help cathug

2006-06-23 [Paz]: Hello :P Well you can help build on wiki pages, fix typos, report mis-behaviour, and what not. 

2006-06-23 [Ultiem]: typos are yum and what kind of images?

2006-06-24 [kittykittykitty]: Any kind of misbehaviour :0 (which I guess will be mostly reporting copyrighted images)

2006-06-28 [Paz]: Yes ;) Reporting. You can build wikis that we might need as well

2006-08-19 [Redneck Archeress]: *Loves building wikis* I wanna help!! *Raises paw...~ahem~ hand*

2006-08-22 [Paz]: lol, if you see any official pages missing :) Check help and see if anything should be added

2007-01-23 [megestic_tiger]: milo says hi!

2007-02-07 [nuka]: hello every one how are u all to day

2007-09-13 [chugnut]: Want some help with COD, etc.? Because most of the crew/council has been gone for at least two months.

2011-10-26 [The Bad Turkey]: Sammie a crew member? Thank God I'm not around to see something like that or I'd be distressed and end up assaulting [Stephen].

2011-10-27 [Stephen]: Hey, I'm a Guard. o.o
Cool. :)

2011-11-06 [sammie h!]: Who is going to do Mazes or is that now an unused wiki?

2011-11-06 [djxmonster]: Unused at the moment...

2011-11-06 [Stephen]: It probably depends on the level of interest from the (non existing) memberbase. :)

2011-11-07 [sammie h!]: Cool, we could create new mazes and get rid of the old unfinished ones

2011-11-07 [djxmonster]: Why don't you just complete the unfinished ones?? That would make more sense

2011-11-11 [sammie h!]: How come you have changed it back to this, it was a lot more presentable the other way and new members would see that?

2011-11-11 [djxmonster]: It didn't make much sense...

Hedda doesn't do anything on CH besides check in, and there's no reason to list that the rest of us keep the site up to date... that's pretty much the reason we are here.

2011-11-11 [Stephen]: @Sammie

I think it makes more sense, when there's a large Council who each do different things. :)

2011-11-12 [sammie h!]: Ok then :)

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