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These are all the badges that can currently be obtained in Cathug.
All badges created by [pixie_shimmer] and some altered by [Paz]</center>

Easy-to-get badges

Cathug Cat of the Day badge

How to get: Submit a picture of your cat along with a description or story about your cat.
Submit it on cod and hope it gets chosen!

<img:stuff/Meowb1.gif><img50*0:stuff/Meowb2.gif> <img50*0:stuff/Meowb3.gif><img50*0:stuff/Meowb4.gif>
Cathug Meow Graphics donors badges

How to get: You can get these badges by the amount of graphics you donate to the Meow graphics:
donate a lot and you will get stars with your badge.

Cathug Mazes Badges

How to get: You can get this badge by completing one or more of the Cathug mazes.

Cathug Art Donor Badges

How to get: You can get this badge by submitting art or photography in one of the official competitions.
This badge is awarded if the competition is for official art to be used on Cathug.

<img:stuff/competitionwin.gif> <img:stuff/competition-part.gif>
Cathug Competitions Winner and Participants Badge

How to get: You can get the coloured badge by winning one of the official competitions.
Participation in official contests earns a blue badge!


Very Hard to get Badges

Cathug Mayor Badge
Only [Hedda] may have this badge

Cathug Guards Badge

Cathug Council Badge

Cathug Art Donor badge
For official Artwork


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