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Author: bickerstonehall Posted: (5856 days ago)
Subject: Free Advertising and Sales (Texts: 1 )

Hi Everyone.
Do you sell any items to raise money for any Cat related good causes?
If you do a friend of mine is one of the owners of a store and auction site.
If you have any items to sell please contact me and we can organise some Free publicity and sales to help our cat friends.


Here is the home page of the site.


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Author: bickerstonehall Posted: (6130 days ago)
Subject: Antone have Russian or Ukrainian friends? (Texts: 3 )

Hi Everyone.
Has anyone Russian or Ukrainian friends? I have just ordered a wonderful Cat Calendar for 2008 in Russian and Ukrainian Languages for a friend who lives in Kiev.
I love the pictures in this and I thought it was a bargain at $8 inclusive of the shipping.
I hope no one mind that I put the link to the calendar below


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Author: bickerstonehall Posted: (6187 days ago)
Subject: CATS ON POSTCARDS (Texts: 1 )

Hi, Everybody. I have two passions, Cats and Horses. I have a number of internet stores and soon hope to be able to open stores just for items related to Cats and Horses when I can find interesting stock in numbers to make this a viable venture.
All I can offer to share with you now are Stamps and Postcards issued by the Ukrainian Post Office which feature Six Breeds of Cat.
Scottish Fold, American Shorthair, Sphynx, Somali, Russian Blue and Snowshoe.
I have already set the Scottish Fold in a frame and have on disply. Sadly no Manx or Siameese, my other two special cats.
If you would like to see these Postcards please use the link below. You may have to copy and paste as i not sure how things work here yet.
One question. How did the Snowshoe get that name?
Great to be here hope to talk to some other members soon<img:kittyemo_smile.gif>


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Author: irulan (Sleeping Cats) Posted: (6960 days ago)
Subject: Cats in Hiding Voting (Texts: 1 )

Go vote at the wiki please!

Entries are at Cats in Hiding.


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Author: Kyotaki (New name: Miyuki) ( Posted: (6972 days ago)
Subject: Cat kingdom (Texts: 1 )

This is a new wiki, for all anime, cat, and other lovers!!! I just created it and its always under construction, but right now , i think it looks pretty good, if you want a weird time, go to
  Cat Kingdom
Hi Ve Ri Coats!!!


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Author: irulan (Sleeping Cats) Posted: (6988 days ago)
Subject: New Wikis & a Contest! (Texts: 3 )

Here are some new wikis I have created:

Cats in History
Quotes & Proverbs About Cats
Kitty Name Record

And the contest!
Cat Photography Contests!

Please go visit!!


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Author: nokaredes (*hisses*) Posted: (7038 days ago)
Subject: About My Kitties (Texts: 1 )

About My Kitties is a place to share your stories about your cats. Share as many stories as you want!


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Author: Lilith (Damned car) Posted: (7075 days ago)
Subject: Pawsies (Texts: 1 )

I love cat paws and I've made a wiki where people can upload their best paw photos. Pawsies


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Author: Gengar (<img:img/mood/33_1117659810.gif>) Posted: (7077 days ago)
Subject: The wiki's wiki page now in CatHug! (Texts: 2 )

If you've ever been in Elftown, then maybe you know about The wiki's wiki page. This is a BIG wiki index, where you can find wikis about almost everything, and also add your owns...
So, go to The kitties' wiki page, and help us build it here in CatHug!



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Author: pixie_shimmer (<img:img/mood/15_1109727419.jpg>) Posted: (7123 days ago)
Subject: Meow Graphics (Texts: 1 )

If you would like pictures and decorations to use on your wiki pages or your house descriptions you can use the ones at Meow Graphics

Also, if you would like to add some art yourself that are done by you, you can!

Basically it is a Cathug version of Elftown Graphics :-)


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Author: catelfemma (<img:img/mood/15_1109727516.jpg> Go to Competitions) Posted: (7135 days ago)
Subject: Elftown and Elfpack (Texts: 1 )

Elftown and Elfpack is a wiki for everyone who is also on Elftown and/or Elfpack, and also for the people who aren't and want to find out what those places are. Please, if you are a member of Elftown/Elfpack, sign yourself up!


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Author: BlackDragon (A cat's a cat and that's that) Posted: (7210 days ago)
Subject: Cat Eyes (Texts: 3 )

Please join the new wiki Cat Eyes!! So far it only have a few pics, some drawings, quotes and stuff but I will add more later on.
This wiki is also on Elftown and Elfpack

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