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Post nr: 3130
Author: Hedda (monster creation) Posted: (5938 days ago)
Subject: Female or male? (Texts: 7 )

I think a wiki with cats where you can guess if they are male of female (and then get the answers) would be fun. I always try to see what gender a cat is, but often I do an initial error if I misjudge the age or race of the cat. Some tomcats looks pretty feminine with small cute noses, for example.


Post nr: 1045
Author: Jack The Rippers Step-Sister (New name: Mystearica Grants) Posted: (7083 days ago)
Subject: My wiki (Texts: 11 )

I have just made a wiki, that hasn't been filled up by eith <> nor by <>, so I thought I would put it up here, maybe get a better percentage. It's Authors Unite, and here you can add on to stories, and make it go almost anywhere, that is, for people as young as 9 to read really. No sex, drugs, achohol, nothing like that at all.


Post nr: 887
Author: pheric25 (Baby when you're gone...) Posted: (7091 days ago)
Subject: Wiki (Texts: 2 )

How do you make a Wiki?

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