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About the FAQ

Q: What is a FAQ?

A: A FAQ is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers. Always look in the FAQ before asking in the newbie forum!

Q: Why isn't my question in this FAQ? I looked but cannot find it!

A: Because no one has added it yet! Find out the answer>U (ask in the newbie forum perhaps?) and put both the question and the answer in the FAQ, where other Cathuggers can find it!

Q: Can I add a question to the FAQ?

A: No. Don't just add a question without an answer and expect it to be answered. Questions should be asked in the forums, not here. However, if you want to add a question and it's answer, see the next question...

Q: Can I add a question and it's answer to the FAQ?

A: Yes. If you've found out the answer to a question about Cathug that puzzled you, or if you've answered the same question in the newbie forum over and over, you're welcome to add the question and it's answer to the FAQ. Put it in the right and try to follow the general lay-out.

Q: Where can I get more help?

A: Go to the help section or the Cathug, Newbie Questions forum.


About Cathug

Q: So, Cathug is a community. What is a community?

A: A community is a place for "meeting" people and talking to them in one or several ways. Here in Cathug you can communicate in many ways, for example through private messages, the forums and the wiki.

Q: I'm all confused. Where do I start?

A: Start by looking at help. There you can find the basics on how to use CatHug. You are recommended to look in the forums. Read, say, the 30 newest postings in all forums that seem interesting. Explore the wiki index and visit other Cathugger's houses

Q: Who are the "Cathug crew" and how do I become a part of it?

A: The "crew" is everyone who helps build and maintain Cathug in one way or another. [Hedda] is the Mayor and does all coding (currently). He appoints Council-members, Town Guards and Secret Service to help him keep the order. All members can contribute to Cathug by leaving bug reports, making suggestions and writing this Wiki. To apply see apply to the crew!

Q: Can I be a guard? Please!!!

A: No, you can't. The Guards don't accept applications and only pick people they know well. This is to ensure stability in Cathug. A much better way to get honor and fame is to help out around Cathug. You may get titles and badges for that, and the knowledge that you have benefited this community.

Cathug council members are chosen from people who send helpful reports, or write smart things in the forums. From there guards are picked. You can also report bugs, create graphics or codes, suggest changes or improvements for instance.

Q: How do I get one of those badge things for my bio?

A: Some badges show that you have won a contest, others show that you have a special role in maintaining Cathug or that you have contributed in some way. See badges for more information.

In either case, winning a badge should not be your purpose really. Badges come only as a sign of recognition for what you have offered to Cathug.

Q: Cathug displayed the "This page can not be displayed"-page. What is wrong?

A: The "page cannot be shown" message is the biggest crap Microsoft has ever done. It can mean anything, so assume that it's not CatHug's, but your fault (or your ISP's).

If you have used a working browser, such as Opera or any kind of Mozilla/Netscape, (and even new versions of IE in some cases), it would have told you why the page couldn't be displayed. No route to host, Server refused connection, DNS-failure, stupid browser can't handle that long URLs, proxy server not working or something else.

If you don't get that evil page when you go to the entrance-page, but only when you log in or do something in Cathug, that probably means that you have found a redirect-"bug" in Cathug. Report when this happens! It will probably work with any other browser than IE, so you can try that if you want.

Q: What is a report?

A: It is a message that is sent to the guards, alerting them when there is an issue in CatHug that should be brought to their attention. Members should be reported if they violated the Uploading Art Rules or if they are harassing you.

If you want to report a certain member, you can send a report to the Guards from the member's house, by clicking the 'report member to the guards' button. See reports for more information

You can write a comment on the wiki page Guards if you have any queries, or try the appropriate forums.

If you are harassed outside of Cathug, this is not the responsibility of the Guards. Seek alternative help for advice

Q: What sorts of things should people be reported for?

A: Members should be reported if they violated the Uploading Art Rules or if they are breaking Elftown's number one rule, "don't be an asshole!". For more information about what this rule means, see What is an asshole?

Q: How do I contact the guards or crew?

A: That depends on why you want to contact them.
1) For reporting misbehavior, see above.
2) For contacting the town guards, see above.
3) To ask a general question, go to the Newbie Forum and post the question there.
4) To ask a wiki question, go to the Newbie Forum
5) To make a suggestion, go to the Suggestions forum and post the suggestion there.
6) To report a bug, go to the Elftown Bugs forum and post the report there.
7) If you have a question or comment you don't want to share with everyone, feel free to message one of the council or guards.

Go or return to:
-The wiki-index
-The list of Guards
-The Council members
-The help index

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