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2006-05-14 21:52:13
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Seems like some people simply can't understand that chain-messages are unwanted. Don't send them! Grow up! This is not a site for stupid kids, we expect you to behave maturely (even if you're 10).

Note: A chain-message is something like this:

You have just been kissed! "Mwah!!" This is the start of Kiss War'04 Kiss Everyone that deserves a Kiss ! Now U must send this to: 0 people-U will have bad luck in love, 5 people- Your crush will like u, 10 people- You will go out wit your Crush, 20 people- U will make out wit your Crush, 35 people- You Will MarryYour Crush!

It should be quite obvious that these messages will only make people irritated, and if they are allowed to spread, your message-box will very quickly be filled with that crap.

And if you think that "I didn't start it!" is a good excuse, I'll show you how the banning works. It works pretty well.

Chain messages rules

Here are some simple rules that will help you see through a message.

1) If it says that you should send something to some other people, it's a lie.

2) If it says that something good will come out of it, it's a lie.

3) If the letter clearly says that 1 and 2 doesn't apply to that letter, it's a lie.

4) No, there are no exceptions.

5) If there is one single letter that actually does break these rules, it's because you are fooled.

6) The risk that someone that you send the chain message to will be irritated and start to dislike you is more than 90%.

7) The risk that something bad will happen to you if you don't send copies of the message is 0.

9) The risk that you get banned from CatHug when refusing to stop sending them is 100%.


Gah, someone sent me a chain message!

The best response is to write a message back:

Chain messages are not wanted on CatHug. See [chain messages@wiki] for more explanations. If you continue to send chain messages after receiving this warning, the guards will ban you.

Then write a guard-report by pressing "Send a report to the guards" in the member's house and write something like "I warned this member about sending chain messages.".


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2005-07-20 [saucey 6]: i didnt start she was the one givin my mate abuse

2005-07-20 [Hedda]: Guess what: I'll ban you if you send another chain message regardless if someone else has started it.

2006-05-05 [kittykittykitty]: I have to check... is this considered a chain message? [583406@] I mean, technically it's not, but considering I've never messaged the member before, and there's no-where on my house that implies I would be interested... It appears that member has been sending them en masse

2006-05-12 [Hedda]: It's not a chain message, but spaming. The member should use the mood or presentation, and not try to force the informantion upon members, regardless of how "good" the information is. People to come to CatHug to talk and look at cats, not to be informed about how to solve the world problems.

2006-05-13 [kittykittykitty]: I'm glad I didn't report then, I just sent back a stern-sounding message :)

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