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To Block a Member:

If someone is annoying you through messages and even after repeatedly being told to, they never go away, you can block them.

Simply go to the button that says 'Block this Member' right below the 'Send Message' at the bottom of the member's page. This prevents you from recieving mail from that member. They can still send messages but you'll no longer get any notification to the message sent.

PLEASE NOTE: Blocking DOES NOT prevent the member from visiting your house, commenting on your wikis, and guestbooks. If they harass you there then you must send a report to the guards.
- Same goes with harassment messages, just block and report them.


To Unblock a Member:

To unblock someone go up to the button at the top toolbar and click "Block". This will take you to your blocked list, or the list of people you have on block.

To the left of the member's name, days since last seen, age, etc. There is a button that says "remove block". Click that and you have officially removed your block on that member. So now that member can message you freely and you will receive the mail sent by the member.


Go or return to:
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-The Cathug Council
-Cathug guards

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