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2007-06-07 09:42:21
This is my other cutie, JellyBean. He's very jelous, and literally hates it when I give Dolly any attention! He'll want to bite and jump on her... shame! And then sometimes he's even angry with me after I've given her attention! He loves to be picked up and held. When I'm in the bathroom, he'll jump up on the counter and climb onto my shoulder - soooo cute!! He also does this when I'm trying to hang up the laundry, which I do in the garage, 'cause we don't have a clothes line. So he'll be jumping on the cars and playing on them - so my car always has paw-prints on it!
He also always joins me when I take a bubble bath, and he'll eat my bubbles, and drink the water by putting his paw in the bath & licking it off!
He also loves eating chocolate & icecream! Him & Dolly like condensed milk too! =^.^=

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