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Ratings in the superwiki

This number is used to rate other members' work.

How it works

Ok here is the math! 
The rating is based on the average value from the last 20 votes. So if you have been rated once (say a 7), your final rating will be 7 divided by 20 (giving you 0.35). Naturally if 20 people rate your work and they all give you 7, your rating will be 7.

Value of ratings

We have not set a value to the ratings; we are leaving that pretty much up to your imaginations. But to help you on your way, 1 is the lowest rating that you can give, and 9 is the highest.

A rough idea would be.
1 - Utter rubbish not worth anyone's time
5 - An average piece, give it a go
9 - Absolutely fantastic!

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