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2007-04-13 11:27:04
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My cats and me

<img200*0:stuff/z/6312/My%2520cats%2520and%2520me/%88§®¡à ¦¥¨¥%20003.JPG>
<img200*0:stuff/z/6312/My%2520cats%2520and%2520me/%88§®¡à ¦¥¨¥%20010.JPG>
<img200*0:stuff/z/6312/My%2520cats%2520and%2520me/%88§®¡à ¦¥¨¥%20011.JPG>
<img200*0:stuff/z/6312/My%2520cats%2520and%2520me/%88§®¡à ¦¥¨¥%20017.JPG>

/ [Sasha]

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2007-04-12 [Sasha]: something wrong happened to this page... my attempt to download pictures has failed :
PLEASE, could anyone tell me how to delete it?

2007-04-12 [Hedda]: You had pressed "Transform into raw HTML" and that's not good if you want to view the page normally. I restored an old version.

Some pictures are having a problems because they have strange file-names. I'll try to fix that during the weekend. 

2007-04-13 [Sasha]: Could tou tell me how to remove the same pictures?? i don't want to have 2 copies of the same picture

2007-04-13 [Hedda]: Press "Advanced edit" above and then remove the text <box200><img200*0:stuff/z/6312/My%2520cats%2520and%2520me/«£à.JPG> </box200> in the end (I guess that's the image you want to remove?).

Please let the broken images stay! I'll try to make them work today!

2007-04-13 [Sasha]: I am not sure that broken ones are not the copies. I added pictures once again when I saw, that my first attempt failed.  It's better to remove and not to waste time.
But thanks for help anyway.

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