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How can I nominate a cat to be the Featured Cat?

Put a photo and a short description of the cats personality and/or a story about it on FC.
The Cat of the Day bosses will pick one of the cats there. Make sure that the description in thorough and well written using proper English (as well as you can) and the photo is more or less in good quality.

Do NOT Post the photos on this page, but here: FC.


FC boss: vacant ([djxmonster] temporarily)
Helpers: The council.


Rejected Photo?

Here are the cats whose pictures or descriptions haven't been improved and
therefor have been refused for featuring on Myautreet. Or the description was deemed not acceptable so it has been placed here:
- FC-refused.

Username (or number or email):


2011-10-29 [Stephen]: See COD? :P

2011-10-29 [djxmonster]: I scrapped anything that was "..of the day" due to lack of people. "Featured" can be daily, weekly, monthly etc :p

2011-10-29 [Stephen]: Makes sense.
What about the entries on it?

2011-10-29 [djxmonster]: eh?

2011-11-01 [Stephen]: I mean, we could feature the entries that were on it -- at least then something would be featured. ;)

2011-11-06 [sammie h!]: Thats not a bad idea, I could do that for you, it clears the wiki then and then it will be un-used there after as we will be using FC instead

2011-11-06 [sammie h!]: The old badge could still be used for this wiki couldn't it?

2011-11-06 [Stephen]: *shrug* It's all up to the boss-man. ;)

2011-11-07 [sammie h!]: [Hedda] we need you. :)

2011-11-07 [djxmonster]: No.

The old badge can't be used since it says Cat Of The Day... which is not what this is

2011-11-07 [sammie h!]: Well it will have to be changed then. :)

2011-11-07 [Stephen]: When I said bossman, I meant [djxmonster]. ;)

Hedda rarely takes part in decisions unless it's about high-priv levels, technical things, or smacking one of the Guards.

2011-11-08 [djxmonster]: Wouldn't it be LOW priv levels? lol

2011-11-08 [Stephen]: Yeeah, I suppose so. x)

2011-11-08 [sammie h!]: Lol, Ok, well I don't really know who is boss as you both have the same priv

2011-11-08 [djxmonster]: [Stephen] is the boss :)

2011-11-08 [sammie h!]: I would more likely say that you are right, as he does have experience of being the boss

2011-11-08 [sammie h!]: How can I nominate a cat as the Featured?

Wouldn't it be better as

How can I nominate my cat to be the Featured cat?

How can I nominate my cat to be Featured?

2011-11-08 [Stephen]: You repeated the same thing twice. >_>;;

If anything, djx and I are equal, although he's put more interest into CatHug than I have. Most of my focus goes into Elfpack, and the remainder is split between Elf12, FAKE and Elftown. ;)

"How can I nominate a cat to be the Featured Cat" would be best, since there's no rule (that I see) that says it has to be your cat, although I imagine it can't be some random cat off the internet. ;)

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