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CatHug Suggestions


(Borrowed from the Elftown Re-Align Project)

Do you want to make CatHug a better place?

When we say "better", we mean:
- easier to use,
- friendlier to newbies,
- better suited to your needs,
- more efficient,
- nicer to look at.

And here's how you can help:

1) Leave comments on this page with your observations, requests, suggestions and complaints.

2) To discuss your ideas and see if others agree, join the to the crew forum.

3) If your ideas concern graphic design, contribute a sketch or two! It's a great way to show others what you mean, and a chance to make CatHug visibly yours.

4) If you enjoy writing valid, semantic HTML and CSS and have some free time on your hands, perhaps you can join us... Leave a note :)

Examples of comments we're looking for:

"If instead of ___________ it said ________________ (on the ___________ page), CatHug would feel much friendlier."

"The order of _________________ is confusing. A more logical way to arrange them would be: _________________."

"I've spent ___ years on CH and I hadn't noticed __________ until yesterday! Shouldn't that feature be more obvious?"

"Look, I've drawn a new decorative border image! Isn't it lovely?"

"There are too many boxy boxes! I want my CatHug to feel 'softer'."

"The _____________ (non-wiki) page is huuuuuge, and it takes ages to load. We should divide it into __________ and _____________."

"My favorite feature is ___________. Everyone should try it!"

"I always end up clicking the wrong _________ when I try to ___________. It's frustrating..."

"Can't we have CatHug in azure and tangerine, please?"

What we'll do with your comments:

- Usability improvements that would be useful for everyone will be added to our to-do list on this page.

- Debatable suggestions will be discussed in the forum.

- Layout, design and color suggestions will be either added to the to-do list, or converted to stylesheet requests for optional use.

- Offers of help will be considered when we get to the implementation stage.

- The result will be available for evaluation and feedback.

- When we're done, we'll ask [Hedda] to approve it and help us apply it to CatHug.



- Change Cat of the Day/Week to Featured Cat -done
- Change Fact of the day/week to Featured Fact -done


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2011-08-03 [Stephen]: - New feature requests - try the Suggestions forum instead! (<forum:No forum number! Link doesn't work.>)
- Bug reports - they're very welcome in the Bugs forum. (<forum:No forum number! Link doesn't work.>)

There's no bug report forum, nor is there a suggestions forum. :P

2011-08-03 [djxmonster]: Yeeeeaaaah... I'm waiting for [Hedda] to create one or give me the privs to do so :p

2011-08-03 [Stephen]: o.o
I don't think any privlevel can create official forums. I wish they could though, it'd have made things easier in Elf12. Of course, Elf12 doesn't have the "newest" update to the Heddates.
CatHug actually seems more up to date than Elfpack is. On Elf12/Elfpack, you can ONLY priv someone a priv higher than 89 if you're a priv 4. xD

2011-08-03 [djxmonster]: That could be due to past abuse :/

2011-08-03 [Stephen]: That's very possible, actually.

2011-08-14 [Stephen]: I wish I could help you out more here.
I don't even know what to suggest.

2011-08-14 [djxmonster]: Honestly, at this point, I think CH is a lost cause.

2011-08-14 [Stephen]: That's saddening. =(

2011-10-26 [sammie h!]: Never get your hopes down, if we all work together, we can get this site back up and running, all it takes is a lot of hard work, but it will all pay off in the end.

2011-10-27 [Stephen]: o3o

2011-11-06 [Aria_D]: What about doing more competitions? like a cat photography contest, with a theme (theme "hunting" maybe? - this is just the first thing that comes up in my mind)
I think there should also be more opportunity for the members to discuss things with each other: this site should be more interactive. But for that you need more members of course :D

2011-11-07 [sammie h!]: Well the more members we get, the better we can make the competitions, we really do need more members, I will take your suggestion into account as I am working on a big project at the moment any way. :)

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