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2007-04-15 07:04:48
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коты коты коты коты коты

Rudolf likes sitting on my knees when I eat smth.
Rudolf is a fat red cat!!!!
I HUG Rudolf
Rudolf is sleeping on my books.
Cats are curious
Cats are making cats! Actually, they both are gelded (кастрированные), but when they hear the sounds from mobile phone ( the ring tone) - they activate and try to make some sex. I don't know why the melody makes them act this way.
I am reading on the balcony and Chara is sleeping in the sun
Rudolf likes books
<img200*0:stuff/z/6312/коÑ%2582Ñ%258b%2520коÑ%2582Ñ%258b%2520коÑ%2582Ñ%258b%2520коÑ%2582Ñ%258b%2520коÑ%2582Ñ%258b/£ ¤ë%20¯ìîâ.JPG>
Cats are drinking

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2007-04-12 [Hedda]: <img100*0:> That's the most fun photo I've seen for a long time!!! <img:kittyemo_smile.gif>

2007-04-13 [Sasha]: He likes to sleep on Civil law! Other books don't attract him so much :)

2007-04-13 [Sasha]: Oh no!!! I did something wrong and a strange "URL" appeared on this page instead of a film with my Izida in the title role :(

2007-04-13 [Marina]: Sasha's cats are funny!
Sasha's cats are funny!
Sasha's cats are funny!
Sasha's cats are funny!

2007-04-14 [Hedda]: A lot of things seems to get wrong because of the file-name you have on the images. It's even impossible to do advanced edit on this page without destroying the last image. Very strange.

2007-04-14 [Sasha]:
here is the film "Izida"

2007-04-14 [Sasha]: how should i name files???

2007-04-14 [Sasha]: this films are made by the photocam. May be they are not avi ???

2007-04-14 [Hedda]: They are .avi. So name them something.avi

Or you can just inline the movie from YouTupe.

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