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Author: *Artsie_ladie* (New name: Faith.Hope.Love) Posted: (5895 days ago) Previous in thread: 3134 by Hedda
Subject: Female or male?

It is indeed, b/c they aren't developing as far as gender's concerned, until they reach the majority of their growth. Once they've reached the majority of their growth, then the hormones step in to play their role in the gender. :P

Eh, there aren't going to be any little kittens. The vet made a misdiagnoses (Did he ever!). Dulcet is in heat. It's pretty tricky to be in heat AND pregnant at the same time. But, we're still gonna' work on getting some photos of hopefully some good 'cat candidates', male vs female, visa versa, even if we do have to borrow a camera now. <img:kittyemo_smile.gif>

How are you feeling? <img:kittyemo_sad.gif>

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