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Author: vanillamonster Posted: (5742 days ago)
Subject: My poem

Here's the weird poem I made up about cats on the spot.

Cats are mysterious.
They can be fluffy.
And vicious.
Roses are red.
Cat's aren't.
Cat's are friendly.
Cat's are shy.
Sometimes mean.
Sometimes nice.
Violets are blue.
Cat's aren't.
Cat's are strange.
Cat's are normal.
Cat's are funny.
Sometimes boring.
Sugar is sweet.
Cat's aren't.
Cat's are pets.
Cat's are wild.
Cat's don't dance.
Sometimes they do.
And so are you.


write me back [vanillamonster]

i'm a people person!

i'm friendly!

more friendly than cats!


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Thread: [1318]
Author: Felumal Posted: (5726 days ago) Previous in thread: 1318 by vanillamonster
Subject: My poem

Good poem, I agree with what you wrote about cats. Except for one thing, Cat's do dance. My Pharoah stands on his hind legs and hops around everytime I play music.

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Author: nokaredes (*hisses*) Posted: (5725 days ago) Previous in thread: 1409 by Felumal
Subject: My poem


My cat Eli bobs his head to music. =^-^=

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