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Post nr: 3145
Author: sammie h! (funny Cat) Posted: (3895 days ago)
Subject: Come on people (Texts: 1 )

You don't know what your missing on here so get on Cathug


Post nr: 1357
Author: xmonster (New name: djxmonster) Posted: (6709 days ago)
Subject: What to do.... (Texts: 2 )

Does CH have an offical list (besides what's here) of what needs to be done or improved on?

Like what needs to be built... tested... checked?

I just have too much free time :P


Post nr: 888
Author: nokaredes (*hisses*) Posted: (6793 days ago)
Subject: Regular HTML (Texts: 4 )

Why isn't there a 'CH, Members' forum? Or Tech? I guess I will have to post in here...a member, named [pheric25], needs help with a wiki named Random Cat Wiki, because it's all regular HTML, and I don't know regular HTML.



Post nr: 228
Author: nokaredes (*hisses*) Posted: (6838 days ago)
Subject: an 's' (Texts: 4 )

I don't want to be nit-picky, but the description on the start page should read:

is the perfect place to meet
Other cat-lovers and talk
cats and much more


Post nr: 11
Author: pixie_shimmer (<img:img/mood/15_1109727419.jpg>) Posted: (6913 days ago)
Subject: Colours (Texts: 23 )

Why is this the same colour as Elfpack?

Will this always be grey?

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