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Author: Fopma (New name: Arr) Posted: (5518 days ago)
Subject: My maine coon family (Texts: 3 )

For my 4 Maine coons i made a special website. Hete i have picures and some movies.

If you want to see them, visit my site (It's in Dutch but with many pictures).

More on:

Greetings from Holland,



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Author: Hattie Posted: (5525 days ago)
Subject: What Breed Is My Cat ? (Texts: 2 )

Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place... But does anyone know ? He's quite large...
Here's a photo of him :D


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Author: jake j (New name: Hunter) (Fight prejudice fight the ban) Posted: (6394 days ago)
Subject: british shorthair (Texts: 5 )

british short hair cats are one of the most common types of cat races they are usually quite a sturdy looking cat and also have different markings and colours on them


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Author: catelfemma (<img:img/mood/15_1109727516.jpg> Go to Competitions) Posted: (6462 days ago)
Subject: Sphinxes (Texts: 13 )

No postings? Fine.
This might transfer into the 'debate' forum if lots of people disagree, but I think sphinxes look like rats and breeding them in the first place is cruel.

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