The Heddate sites

Here is a list of all Heddate-sites (Elftown alike communities). They have different features and/or purposes.

Elftown, this site, is a fantasy and science fiction community. Elftown is the biggest Heddate community.
Elfpack is a community for fantasy fun! Goof out! Elfpack is rivaling Elftown in being the biggest community.

Sites with not so much activity

Linkmeet is an international community for students and academics. It's very small, but you can find a lot of old photos from [Hedda] there. there.
Elf12 is a fantasy community for kids up to 12 and their parents.
Writersco is a community for writers and authors, where they upload writings and discuss writing.
Musmakers - a community and forum for musicians and composers. Upload your music! It's not a very busy community, but new songs become uploaded now and then.
CatHug is a community and forum for cat lovers. A lot of cat images! CatHug is very sleepy at the moment, but it's still a great place to post your cat photos.
Thunder's keep is a independant community for members of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Sleeping communities

These are sleeping communities without much action at all. Contact [Hedda] if you think you can do something about that. - Форум обсужения для русских людей
Farsima - A community and forum for Farsi speaking people.
Modelica Community - A forum for Modelica programmers.