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2004-10-15 15:23:54
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Kitty pics

this wiki is for all ur pic of ur wonderful cats! just message me, [bloody valentine] to get the password!

this is my cat, (the one that has its back 2 u) his name is moony, the other is ozzy, he is the next door nabours cat, however we look after and feed him!

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2005-01-25 [leomonexethe3rd]: hi

2005-01-26 [firstlight]: hey lovy wot u at?? i aint tlkin 2 moony again he scrabbed me wen u were gttin ur guitar tuned dat day!!

2005-01-26 [bloody valentine]: aww, me soz

2005-02-04 [99.9% ANGEL]: hey every 1 nice pic of moony kitty

2005-02-04 [bloody valentine]: lol, thanks

2005-02-04 [jelly]: I love ur cat altought the last time i seen him he tryed to scrab me

2005-02-08 [leomonexethe3rd]: i like ffood

2005-02-18 [jelly]: ok whatever u say

2005-03-04 [jelly]: ur cat likes me and my stringy things

2005-03-07 [lordjoesnow]: :|

2005-03-16 [leomonexethe3rd]: hi

2005-03-16 [bloody valentine]: hiii

2005-03-18 [leomonexethe3rd]: hi whats up

2005-03-18 [bloody valentine]: nm, u?

2005-03-30 [leomonexethe3rd]: nothin

2005-05-25 [Midnight baby]: they r cute

2005-08-14 [Mystearica Grants]: ozzy almost looks like the symmetrical image of my cat!!!

2005-08-30 [sputnik]: can i put my cats up too??

2005-09-13 [nokaredes]: Apparently...not. >_> You could find a competition that's open, though...

2005-09-15 [jelly]: btw [bloody valentine] is never on anymore

2007-07-17 [bloody valentine]: i am now ^^

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