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2005-07-30 07:37:56
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By [Miyuki] and [Miyuki_sama]!
I totally stole the idea for this from Chi on elftown just so you all know. But here it is on Cathug (which sort of suits it even better).

Here we are, making the Year or the Cat wiki. Yeah, we're putting Tohru's idea to the grindstone, because you all know you love Kyo.

Year of the Cat members

Year of the Cat Banners

so like...Storys and Poems Its sounds funny, but i'm sure people will like it with time..i long as they are [Miyuki] and [Miyuki_sama]

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2005-05-09 [Angel of Ice]: I <3 Kyo-kun! And Fruits Basket..but I <3 Kyo-kun better...

2005-05-11 [Angel of Ice]: er...more, not better...<.<

2005-05-22 [twinrova]: w/e man. thats cool, yeah so i saw this and i was all excited because its from elftown but then i read it. i felt a little lrt down

2005-06-09 [Miyuki]: you know what,..i feel like i should help out a bit i will be getting some banners made in honor of kyo!!! And i will help get some kitty pics too.....and some members!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-06-19 [twinrova]: oh thank you love

2005-07-30 [Miyuki_sama]: umm..i made some changes..but i hope you don't mind, i mean..if you don't like it, can always change it....

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