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If you bothered to read the first paragraph in the 'create a new user' page you'd know that...
Cathug's's No.1 Rule is: "Don't be an asshole!"

But really, what is an "asshole"? The meaning of the word "asshole" varies from person to person, that's why this wiki is here... To explain what that word means on Cathug. :)


First things first, under the right circumstances, you can be banned for being an asshole.
Now, an asshole is someone who generally causes trouble and upset for no particular reason or continues to persist in flaming/harassing someone or a wiki after being told not to (by a guard or simply another member).

For example :
-Trashing wiki pages,
-Harassing members (sending annoying or insulting messages),
-Flaming members or wiki pages because of their opinions/race/religion/gender preference.
-In general, having disregard for others.


The rules on wikis are less strict than through private messages though. However wikis are considered the property of the wiki-owner and therefore the owner has the right to exclude people from the wiki. If then the situation gets out of hand, the Guards should be notified through a report on the members house and the name of the wiki.

What to do if you are being pestered by an asshole.

If you catch someone doing anything that is listed above, report them and the Guards will sort it out.

To report someone click the "report this member to the guards" button which should look something like this:

This button is on everyone's house, except on your own, and is right beside the "list this member's relations" button.
Then fill in the report message explaining how they are being an asshole. Which is pretty straight forward.


However, do not report members for being assholes outside of Cathug. This includes harassment through email, MSN, at school or situations like that. Those sorts of harassments are out of the Guards hands and this may sound harsh but it's therefore not the Guards problem. They have enough to sort out without people wasting their time. Also, if you have a friend who is being harassed, they need to report the harasser themselves (If you want to be a good friend, explain to them how to report someone)...

The Guards always try to be fair and look at the situation from all points of view. If you report someone please be patient.


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