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General Rules

These are the general rules for what images you can upload to Cathug and display in your house.

G-1. All images in your house must have something to do with you.
Examples of images that have something to do with you are photos and drawings made by you, photos of you, photos of your pets or things that you own and drawings made for you by a friend. 

Examples of images that aren't allowed under this rule are images of cars, funny animals and other random images copied from the internet.

G-2. Images in your house must be made by you or for you.
Wiki banners and images from Meow Graphics are allowed as long as they follow the rules, since they are made for all Cathug members.

Images from other sites are not allowed even if they are "free". Dollz and similar "assembled" images are not considered to be "made by you".

G-3. Pornographic images and images depicting extreme violence are not allowed in your house. Almost nude and nude images of minors and pictures of self mutilation are not allowed anywhere on Cathug.
Non-pornographic nudity is allowed provided no minors are involved. Cathug is a site for all ages, so keep it tasteful. You can request Artistic Nudity Warnings if you want to post nudity in your house.
Note: "Nudity" is defined as displayed genitals or a female breast where you can see the nipple. Extremely sexually suggestive looking photos are also considered "nude" even if there is no actual nudity shown in the image. So no showing of breasts before you're 18 in the photo!
Note 2: The "nudity of minor"-rule is demanded by (a pretty badly defined Swedish) law, and it doesn't matter if Cathug thinks the image is "harmless" or "artistic". 

G-4. Images that contain other images that break the rules are not allowed in your house.
For example, a collage or a wiki banner containing images that aren't made by you or for you aren't allowed.


Special Rules

These are categories of images that have special or more specific rules.

S-1. Animated images are not allowed in your house.
This includes animations donated to Meow Graphics and animated wiki-banners.

The only exception to this rule is non-annoying animated images made by you. Something that makes you look for the delete button is annoying.

Animated images can be removed by the guards without warning.

S-2. Images of celebrities are not allowed in your house.
The only exception to this rule is if you are also in the photo.

Images of celebrities can be removed by the guards without warning.

S-3. Movie/Game screenshots are not allowed in your house.
The only exception to this rule is if you've created the art in it, like skins (Be sure to explain exactly what you have done though!).

S-4. Quiz images are not allowed.
Quiz result images can be removed by the guards without warning.

S-5. Fanart and other drawings that you have done using direct references from other images are only allowed if you have done the drawing.
We understand that this is how most artists practise and go on to discovering their own styles and we encourage growth.

S-6. Dollz, "me as a Southpark character" and similar "assembled" images are not allowed.
As stated under General Rule 2, "assembled" images like dollz are not considered "made by you" and are thus not allowed in your house.

S-7. You may only display one wiki banner for each wiki.
Don't put every wiki banner there is for a certain wiki in your house. Choose the one you like best and use that. You may of course display wiki banners for several different wiki pages.

S-8. Mood images may not break any of the above mentioned rules.
Huge, animated or annoying mood images are not allowed.

You may only display one image in your mood and it has to be uploaded to the moods: you may not inline images in your mood.

S-9. ASCII images are not allowed in your house. (ASCII art)
Images consisting of the characters and symbols on your keyboard/computer that are considered copyrighted art or random images are not allowed.

If they are unique pieces created by you, then they are OK, and so are smaller less annoying things like
*)--->---( and the ordinary smileys.
It's the big annoying images that everyone has seen that we don't want.


Images on the Wiki

The rules for images in your house don't all apply for the wiki. In the wiki you can inline animated GIFs and other free-to-use-images that you are not allowed to have in your houses.

However, you are NEVER allowed to steal art, that is, take someone else's picture and claim it as your own.

If it is a secret wiki-page (No link from your presentation or open forum), you can inline what you want.

Wiki banners that break the rules aren't allowed in houses.
Follow the rules if you don't want people to get in trouble for displaying your wiki banner in their houses. As the wiki's owner or maintainer you will be held responsible if you encourage people to display wiki banners that break the rules.

How the Rules are Enforced

The Uploading Art Rules are enforced by us, the Guards. We can remove images that break the rules and ban members who repeatedly upload or display images that break the rules.

Everyone is encouraged to report rulebreakers. If you find someone else breaking the rules, please use the "send report to guards" button in that member's house and the we will look into the matter. It is not possible for the Guards to keep an eye on each and every house and we certainly need your help in this. See the wiki page reports on how to write a good report.

Please do not send us messages saying we are unfair and we allowed someone to keep disputed material in their house. The rules apply to all. The only reason someone would have copyrighted images displayed there still is that no one has reported them yet. Do your part!

Sometimes we make mistakes and delete something that should have been allowed. Do not make a big deal about it. Reply to the guard who deleted your image (you got a message explaining why the image was deleted) and explain briefly why the image should be allowed and everything will be fine.

Credits to Elftown crew, mainly 'peura', for the formulation of these rules.

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2005-02-02 [Nita]: Umm... All images are copyrighted by default, even those that are made by yourself, so C doesn't make much sense in this context, IMO... :)

2005-02-02 [Sunrose]: Fixed! (and you should talk to [white_devil], he claims if I buy copyright for something you made, you lose your copyright to it..)

2005-04-20 [nokaredes]: I think I heard someone say that pictures of your car aren't allowed. Is that true?

2005-04-21 [Sunrose]: This is CatHug, not CarHug. :)

2005-08-07 [Miss Lilu]: ASCII images are not mentioned in the uploading art rules here but are mentioned when you are reporting a member of cathug. Dose the ASCII rule apply to cathug yet?

2005-08-07 [Sunrose]: Yes :)

2006-01-07 [some sexy random]: erm these r boring they r so long

2006-01-07 [Miss Lilu]: mhm....just as long as you follow them.

2006-01-11 [magickchik]: why does it matter? yes,we all love cats,but not JUST cats!geez.there aren't many other web pages like this one.

2006-01-12 [Sunrose]: You can love other things, just don't put anything up that violates these rules.

2006-01-18 [magickchik]: i understand.but,everytime i put up a picture my friends make for me,the gaurds take it down. although,i can't dog them about it because it's their job.

2006-01-19 [Sunrose]: That's because you should only upload things you made yourself :)

2006-01-19 [magickchik]: what if i get permission to use other ppls.? is that o.k.?

2006-01-20 [Sunrose]: No, still not ok.

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