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2008-06-11 11:32:15
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We were playing with a peacock feather I bought as a toy for them... she is so sweet..
arn't they just the cutest?
oh my little princess flower... she's the more delicate of the twins... and she is the longest cat I have lol
she is my oldest and most jelous cat.. I call her my green eyed monster
he is the mama's boy... he's not very friendly... but he loves me... he'll hiss and bat at everyone else but he snuggles and purrs for me
such an attention whore lol
he looks so sweet in this picture
YaYnEsS!!!!! FEATHER^^
iz meh windaz.. MIEN!!!!!
ur daiz is numberd
Iz my DVDS plaierz!!!!
ooooooooooooooooo diztracted bi shineynezzz
Goooooooooooo avay i iz trien to sleepz

/ [Teh Crazy Cat Lady]

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