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2005-04-01 19:26:37
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Hiya! This...this is a wiki. That is a sweet wiki, you might say. Round... anyway. 

Me'n my amigas are awesomely schway. And we're terribly conceited about it. Just so's you know... *leer*


1. [Sebhar]
2. [zansola]

And yeah, that's it so far. Heumrn! 

This is the Poke-Man. He's schway, too, just like us. But he doesn't really exist (outside the computer) so he's not a member.


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2005-04-01 [Sebhar]: Damn, but the Poke-Man is sexy, eh?

2005-04-05 [zansola]: blarg

2005-04-05 [Sebhar]: hahahahahahaha! you COMMENTED! lahoozer!

2005-05-13 [Orouriel]: sooo... what is a schway?

2005-05-13 [Sebhar]: schway is basically just... well, cool, i suppose, but we are very uncool. Just schway.

2005-05-17 [_sawen]: the poke-man kinda reminds me of Peter Gabriel.. in a nifty-schway sorta way... (rhymed!! sweetness!)

2005-05-17 [Sebhar]: the poke-man almost has a thing... in fact I believe he does.

2005-05-17 [_sawen]: yes. i believe he does have a thing. *sigh* hows come we're just noticing the "things" random people have?

2005-05-18 [Sebhar]: probably a coming of age, growing up thing. myick.

2005-05-18 [_sawen]: ahh...

2005-05-19 [Sebhar]: *sings* just fade away... please let me're the part of me that I don't want to see... forget it, forget it, forget it... *sob*

2005-05-20 [_sawen]: *sings* and i wont forget you.. at least i'll try... everything will be alright.... everything... will be alright, everything wil be alriiiiiight...

2005-05-20 [Sebhar]: *sings* Now I'm nailed above you bleeding from my side. It is with your sins you've killed me; thinking of your sins I die, thinking how you let them touch you, how you'd never realise that I'm ripped and hang forsaken, knowing never will I rise again...

2005-05-22 [_sawen]: *sings* we see no end to our dreammss.. we will never see the end.. we will never see the end.. all my, my life, i've felt disguarded, never feeling a part of it. no. you. can't.

2005-05-23 [Sebhar]: *sings* ba namana doot doo doo doo do... banamana doot doo doo do...

2005-05-29 [_sawen]: *sings* i got my head checked.. by a jumbo jet.. it wasnt easy.. but nothin' is... woo hoo!!

2005-05-31 [Sebhar]: *sings* my cock is much bigger than yours..

2005-06-01 [_sawen]: *sings* it's easier to run...

2005-06-27 [Sebhar]: *sings* nothing really meeeeeeee...any way the wind blows!

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