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How to make a report

In the member's house (presentation) you will see a "report this member to the guards" button right above the member name. Click on the button and write your report about that member in the text box.


Art theft reports

If you see a piece of art or a photograph or such that you are sure (or even possibly doubt) doesn't belong to the member, please report the images to the guards. Read through the Uploading Art Rules to see what kind of images are allowed here or not.

Here's what makes the reports a little easier for us to handle:

- A good report contains as much information about the image as possible. So instead of saying "I've seen this image before and so it is not hers!" if you provide a link to the original location of the image, it is much nicer. Please do not use the img tag in the report, a simple link is fine.

- With regards to the images displayed in the bio, please do check the image location (right click and check the image properties). Just because Cathug does not host the images doesn't mean the images are stolen. Sometimes the members inline images from their own websites or free hosts like If however the image is a random one (a funny cartoon for instance) please report the member.


Message Harassment reports

If you feel harassed by certain members on Elftown, please feel free to report them to the guards. However please note the following while making a report.

- Do not report a member for calling you names if you started that first. It is extremely childish to call the authorities because you could no longer handle an insult war that you started. In such a case, in all probability you would be the one being warned/facing a ban.

- Please do not contact us about real life problems that you have with certain members here. For example if some friend from real life and you decide to stop being friends, do not expect us to solve your problems.

- Please do not make reports on behalf of someone else. We want the harassed member to report, not some protective older brother or boyfriend to do it. Similarily, do not use a clone house (another account that you have here on CH) to make a report on someone because you do not wish that member to know who reported them. You identity will never be given out to the reported member, you have all reasons to feel safe. (Note: Many reports are obvious who they come from, so we have to reveal your identity there. If after that you get a "You reported me, you bitch!" message, we'll ban the offender.)

- Do not make false reports. You are just wasting the guards' time by this and you will be warned and possibly banned if you continue to do so.

- It is a good idea to block someone who keeps sending you annoying messages. To do this go to the bottom of their presentation and click on the "block this member" button right below the message box. Please do report the member too.

- If you received Chain messages, read the instructions about what to do then on given page.


Wiki reports

Report a member if they have been harassing you in wikis or have been messing up wiki pages intentionally.Please include the name of the wiki page (and the version number, if it has changed since then).


Go or return to:
-The wiki-index
-The Uploading Art Rules
-The explanation of 'What is an asshole?'
-The list of Guards
-The help index

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