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2005-01-06 19:45:36
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These are the 'Konradshofen cats'. Konradshofen is a small village in Bavaria, where I often go on holiday. The farm that I stay on has eight cats (although it varies from year to year). They aren't, of course, my cats, but I love them almost as much as Ginny, so I thought they deserved a mention. (Yes, Ginny, I remembered to say 'almost'.)
I've put their pictures up first- I haven't got pictures of them all- and then I'll explain the relations between them underneath.


Obelix is at the back, Daggy to the left and Mucki to the right.


Puschl, looking as gloriously furry as ever.


Isn't she gorgeous? This is Mimel. She's probably about a year old by now, but she was only about three or four months old when this photo was taken.


This cat is half wild, and she's known only as 'Die Wilde'- the wild one. This photo was taken without using a zoom. That doesn't sound very important, but getting that close to Die Wilde is something of an achievement! I've stroked her without her running away- once- but she's basically feral.

Mucki is Daggy and Puschl's mother. She may be some relation to Obelix, but I don't think so.
Die Wilde isn't neutered. The farm that I stay on feed her sometimes, but she hunts for the main source of food, and it by no means a pet. When cats have litters of kittens, they often leave one or two because they can't feed them. Die Wilde is slightly more intelligent than that- she leaves her kittens where she knows they will be found by the people on the farm. The second to last litter she had, there was a tom. He's now Ginny's age, but still the size of a kitten, and catches any infection that's going around. They don't expect him to live for more than a couple of years more.
In the latest litter, though, she left behind Mimel. Mimel, at least when I last saw her, is a very healthy cat. All the other cats, except Die Wilde, have been neutered, so Mimel is remaining uneutered to produce the next generation of farm cats. She's really sweet. I hope that next time I go to the farm, there will be another litter of kittens there! 

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2005-01-16 [Alfie]: awwww wow those kitties are soooooo kyooote!!!

2005-02-08 [catelfemma]: Thank you!

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