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2004-12-20 10:41:02
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This is the wiki-page for the Christmas Cat Competition, for the best image of a Christmas cat.
What is a Christmas cat? Good question. This could be a cat under a tree, a cat wearing a Santa Claus hat, a picture of cats pulling a sleigh instead of reindeer. Whatever comes into your head when you think of 'Christmas' and then you add to that 'cat'.

The deadline for images is the 17th of December. There will be a poll to decide the winner on the Mainstreet until the 20th.

Please submit your image with your username underneath, and, if you want, an explanation of what is happening in the picture - for example, 'This is my sister's cat, in a photo I took last Christmas. It took us twenty minutes to coax it down from the top of the tree.'


<img100*0: img/photo/38_1102611293.jpg> This is just [catelfemma]'s image that's here to show how you shall add your image.

[Mirime]'s Bink :) It took three tries to get that bow on his head...

[Lilith]'s first cat Emil on his first Christmas. He didn't enjoy the hat much.

[Mirime]'s Bink again, happily tangled up in ribbon among the wrapping paper.

[catelfemma]'s real entry. First problem: spot the cat. (It's not that difficult!)

[Fluffboll], This is me=)

They didn't have any Santa-costume that fit [Lilo]! (Submitted by [Hedda])

Username (or number or email):


2004-12-10 [Mirime]: how many can we submit?

2004-12-11 [Hedda]: Well... Until you get ashamed ;-) It depends on how great the images are, of course... If they are really good, we want to see them ;-)

2004-12-11 [Hedda]: And don't forget to add your name with the image!

2004-12-18 [Sunrose]: I don't see the cat! O.o

2004-12-18 [Hedda]: On top of the tree!

2004-12-18 [Hedda]: I'll make the poll on Mainstreet tonight! Should I use the winning image as a badge and give to the winner?

2004-12-18 [Hedda]: But we do need some more compeditors...

2004-12-18 [catelfemma]: 5 entries now-hopefully we'll have a few more by tonight, so we should be OK! Also, I like the idea of having the winning image as a badge.

2004-12-18 [Kieli]: Give me time to enter, please?

2004-12-18 [Kieli]: o_O And lemme make a badge for the wiki thingy...

2004-12-18 [Sunrose]: *puts glasses on* well that could also be a dog! // mmm...should make a picture too...if I can find time. But honestly yours is too cute [Hedda]'s not fair! Look at sexi Lilo! Our cats could never compete with that :(  You should take it off and get some other ugly cat to pose for the picture! :P

2004-12-19 [Hedda]: Well, Lilo is unbeatable, but the photo is really bad.

2004-12-19 [Fluffboll]: Does the cat have to have a Santa hat or something?

2004-12-19 [Fluffboll]: And can I upload two pics?

2004-12-19 [catelfemma]: The cat has to be vaguely Christmassy, but what 'christmassy' is defined as is fairly vague. And see above- you can upload as many pics as you like, until you get embarrassed.

2004-12-20 [Hedda]: Now you can't edit this page anymore. Closed for voting.

2004-12-20 [Fluffboll]:

Good Luck!

2004-12-28 [Sunrose]: oh darn, wish I could vote!

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