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2005-03-15 10:28:23
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The CatHug Left Border Competition

And the winner is:


See over there?


It's a bit empty, isn't it? (No, now it has got the winner!)

This competition is to brighten up CatHug a bit. All that grey gets a bit boring, so this competition is to design a graphic to go down the left border of the page. It should have some sort of cat theme, obviously, but there aren't many more restrictions. Except for the width of the border, that is, which is 55 pixels wide or less. The height doesn't matter- just that the border can repeat itself.

The competition will end on the 28th of February.

The winner will be allowed to use colours in their description (lucky thing!).
Please submit your entry with your username underneath, so we knew who did the wonderful piece of artwork.

(Oh, and if you have any suggestions for a better name for this competition, I would be glad to hear them! 'CatHug left border competition' explains what it is fairly well, but isn't exactly inspiring!)

<img70*0:stuff/cathug.JPG> <img50*0:stuff/cating.JPG> <img:stuff/cats2.JPG> <img:stuff/H%3AMy%20Picturescats.JPG.jpg>
[Law and Chaos] A hugging cat. This cat is from the rescue center close to me. It was used in a cat analysis website but they gave me the pic to play around with. Any of these can be resized.

<img:img/catimg/362_1105472013.jpg> <img:img/catimg/362_1105472393.jpg> <img:img/catimg/362_1105472818.jpg> <img:img/photo/362_1105477253.jpg> <img:img/photo/362_1105477373.gif> <img:img/photo/362_1105477423.gif> <img:img/catimg/362_1105498490.jpg> <img:img/catimg/362_1105499571.jpg> <img:img/catimg/362_1105499897.jpg>

nr 1. really distorted paw prints >.<; Not very interesting, really, but I'll add more later.


By [Miss Lilu]

<img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:>

<img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:>
[Bonk] uhm.. just a shot at making something =P

<img:>  <img:> <img:stuff/heartpawpurple.gif>

[pixie_shimmer] - :-D

<img100*0:> <img100*0:> <img100*0:>  <img100*0:>  <img100*0:>  <img100*0:>
[Dark kitty kat] yeah if too big resize

[Opiel16] (<want>my pawprints! all mine!)(<calm>everything's yours)(<evil genious well soon the whole world will be mine!)(<sarcastic>as if)(<want>i want the world!)(<cat>is there anything he doesnt want?)(<want>i dont want u butting in on my wanting)(<dog>can i butt in?)(<want>i dont want you butting in either)(<evil genious>i shall butt in whenever i want)(<calm>im getting confused with all these personalities)(<evil genious>that what he wants you to do)(<want>he's right, he's right)(<cat>yes, want, he's right)(<dog>can we shut up? im confused)(<cat>duh, ure a dog)(<calm>be nice, and shut up)(<dog>ok)(<cat>sure)(<evil genious> i dont have a problem with that)(<want>fine!)(<sarcastic>yeah, woteva)

<img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:> <img:>
[Orouriel] - I could re-color them endless ^-^ I will stop entering now (must...stop...myself >_<) :-P


Username (or number or email):


2005-01-11 [nokaredes]: are you going to use more than one of these images? because on Elftown, index.valborg uses a different border than the others, and maybe you could do that here...especially if more people enter the contest.

2005-01-12 [nokaredes]: heh...I'll stop adding now. ^_^

2005-01-12 [Law and Chaos]: yeah. There are quite a lot.

2005-01-13 [catelfemma]: There's nothing wrong with lots of entries. We want as many as we can get, so add them until you feel embarassed. Or is that now?

2005-01-14 [nokaredes]: basically.

2005-01-14 [Sunrose]: why embarassed...the more entries you make, the more choice there is..unless you whipped them up quickly just to have a big number of them...

2005-01-14 [catelfemma]: But then if there's a whole competition just full of your entries, that would be embarassing!

2005-01-14 [Sunrose]: lol! hmm...but it's appreciated, especially if they are very nice ;)

2005-01-14 [nokaredes]: why would you want to have a lot of cruddy images? I know I wouldn't...

2005-01-14 [Sunrose]: Eh no, but some people seem to think though that quantity is better than quality..I was just pointing out it's the quality that matters :)

2005-01-14 [nokaredes]: right. ^_^

2005-01-15 [Hedda]: Wow, nice submissions!

2005-01-15 [Sunrose]: I agree! ^^

2005-01-16 [Miss Lilu]: I like the paw prints there cute. ^.^

2005-01-17 [pixie_shimmer]: so very bright and colourful :-)

2005-01-17 [Sunrose]: Nice ones [Bonk]! Maybe also try to find a color that fits the grey-blue theme, that would be even cooler! ;)

2005-01-17 [Bonk]: I'm creative.. but I also lack resources =P

2005-01-17 [Jokergirl18]: I like the 4th one by Miss lilu the most

2005-01-17 [Bonk]: yeah it's great ^_^

2005-01-17 [Sunrose]: ahw that s**ks [Bonk] :/

2005-01-17 [Miss Lilu]: Thank you muchly [Jokergirl18], and [Bonk] Love your entries it looks like I got a thing for paw prints ^.^ lol

2005-01-18 [nokaredes]: yours are better than mine Bonk...

2005-01-18 [catelfemma]: Stop putting yourself down! Both sets are good!

2005-01-18 [Opiel16]: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm................ border............... D'oh!

2005-01-18 [Noxme]: they're very nice!

2005-01-19 [Bonk]: mine are made in 15 seconds each =P lol

2005-01-19 [Law and Chaos]: Jeeze! My sad little three took about half an hour...each! (Well. Cutting around the images to take out the background took the most time.)

2005-01-19 [nokaredes]: some of mine took longer than others...but none were made in 15 seconds o.O

2005-01-20 [Sunrose]: yay, more entries! ^__^

2005-01-20 [Law and Chaos]: Yeah, 15 seconds is a very quick time. It took me 15 seconds to write that.

2005-01-20 [Sunrose]: wow the second one of [pixie_shimmer] is veeery nice ^^

2005-01-20 [pixie_shimmer]: cuteness ;-) They were fun to make :-D the jaggedy ones especially :-)

2005-01-21 [Sunrose]: It's cool! ^__^

2005-01-21 [pixie_shimmer]: Thank you Much :-DDD

2005-01-22 [Jokergirl18]: yours are so good!

2005-01-22 [Jokergirl18]: all of them are wonderful! I can;t wait to see which one wins

2005-01-24 [jfd]: I dunno who she is but [Miss Lilu]'s pics rock

2005-01-25 [Hedda]: I put up some cats now, but that doesn't mean that the competition is over.

2005-01-25 [Sunrose]: I don't see them :/

2005-01-25 [Law and Chaos]: On the left.

2005-01-25 [Sunrose]: Yea I see it now..had to refresh :)

2005-01-25 [Law and Chaos]: Cool.

2005-01-25 [Bonk]: *tickles*

2005-01-25 [jfd]: woooooooooaaaaaa

2005-01-26 [Law and Chaos]: *snicker*

2005-01-26 [Miss Lilu]: Ha ha that's brliilint. Love those [Dark kitty kat]

2005-01-27 [Dark kitty kat]: thank you yours is cool too

2005-01-27 [Law and Chaos]: Grr. Brother and sister wars. [Dark kitty kat], I will thrash you on Halo 2 to see who is the better [Gamer]

2005-01-27 [Dark kitty kat]: oh yeah well that sniper and energy sword is coming out of the cupboard now

2005-01-27 [Law and Chaos]: Oooh! Scary! That handicap as going too. Bop fights! One hit kill! Huuugge map!

2005-01-27 [Dark kitty kat]: fine with no veicles or any other item except energy swords

2005-01-27 [Law and Chaos]: NO ENERY SWORDS. Nothing but our fists.

2005-01-27 [Dark kitty kat]: fine but i create the ultimate potat0 muhahahahahahhahaha

2005-01-27 [Law and Chaos]: It is not the character, it is the player.

2005-01-27 [Dark kitty kat]: who cares

2005-01-27 [Law and Chaos]: You do. YO ARE CRAPIDIES.

2005-01-27 [Dark kitty kat]: well 'mrs i can't get past the first level on halo 1 in legendary'

2005-01-27 [Law and Chaos]: mrs?

2005-01-27 [Dark kitty kat]: okay then ms

2005-01-27 [Law and Chaos]: ms? is it me or are you making no sense? and I CAN get past it. I am on the 'Assult on the control room'

2005-01-31 [Miss Lilu]: cute entry [Opiel16] ^.^

2005-01-31 [Dark kitty kat]: ok [Opiel16] where you have <=img: at the front put instead <=img100: and delete the =

2005-01-31 [pixie_shimmer]: perty blue :-D

2005-01-31 [Dark kitty kat]: whats perty blue anyway

2005-02-02 [Law and Chaos]: Pretty. You moron. Someone, please tell me, why am I cursed with a moron for a brother? LOL! Only Jokin D. Yeah, [Opiel16] Nice image!

2005-02-02 [Dark kitty kat]: yeah your like really joking come on i know your joking about joking about me being a moron

2005-02-03 [Law and Chaos]: Says who? *smile*

2005-02-03 [Dark kitty kat]: come on i live in the same house

2005-02-03 [Law and Chaos]: Grrr. I know.

2005-02-03 [Dark kitty kat]: that's it i'm living in the shed goodbye

2005-02-03 [Law and Chaos]: Bye! I get all of your stuff!

2005-02-03 [Dark kitty kat]: noooooooooo i'm taking the Xbox

2005-02-03 [Law and Chaos]: The shed has no electricity. You couldnt play it if you wanted to.

2005-02-03 [Bonk]: I don't even have a Xbox >.<

2005-02-06 [nokaredes]: me either ><

2005-02-07 [Dark kitty kat]: i feel sorry for the both of you whoever you are

2005-02-07 [Law and Chaos]: Awww! You goit to have an xbox! Or wait untill the new xbox 2 suit comes out.

2005-02-07 [Opiel16]: i dont got an Xbox. im not spoiled either, but i have: a gamecube, a nintendo64, a silver gbasp, a pink gbasp, and im getting a ds the first day it comes out. these things really build up over years, i got my n64 in '97, my gamecube in '01, my first sp in'03 and my latest pink sp in '04. i have about 14 gamecube games all 2 myself, and some sharing wiv my brother, and about 30 n64 games between us. i have loads of gba games, and loads of gameboy and gameboy color games cheap. my bro has a gamecube, a n64, a blue sp, a nes sp and a golden zelda sp. i dont count his games, but all our games put together count up to about 50-80ish. its taken, what, around 10 years to get them all?

2005-02-07 [Miss Lilu]: ya-hu

2005-02-07 [Miss Lilu]: Awsum entries [Orouriel]!! It looks like the cat is prowling around.

2005-02-08 [Law and Chaos]: Jeeze [Opiel16]! Me and my brother have only an XBOX with about 15 games shared and self owned. I have a Tribal GBA SP and a GB Colour. I also have a Sega Master drive 2 from YEARS ago. A PC and a PS 1 at home. We have a PS2 over my dads with over 30 games for it. I dont have a gamecube. I cant get my head around it.

2005-02-08 [jfd]: internet games r betta. and the ones where u link a gamestation 2 the internet and play against peeps in australia and germany and stuff, like, talkin with microphones. its fun.

2005-02-08 [Dark kitty kat]: i wish i could do that but no internet at home

2005-02-08 [Law and Chaos]: Yeah. We will get it soon tho. Broadband!

2005-02-08 [Dark kitty kat]: i thought we wernt

2005-02-08 [jfd]: broadband kicks ass! has ne1 got aol here? cos if u do, i feel so sorry 4 u. u cant even get on2 elftown without parental control coming up

2005-02-08 [Dark kitty kat]: dam you parental control

2005-02-08 [Orouriel]: Ohw thank you [Miss Lilu] ^-^

2005-02-08 [Orouriel]: hm maybe it would look better if the cat's feet are on the left side >_<

2005-02-08 [jfd]: bahahahaha lmao. dunno y. bahahaha

2005-02-08 [Miss Lilu]: Well if the feet were on the left side [Orouriel] it might look as if the cats are prowling/walking up the side of the screen and that could look very nice indeed! I also love the matching divider ^.- on Meow Graphics

2005-02-09 [Dark kitty kat]: ribbit mon

2005-02-09 [Law and Chaos]: leave 'orli draw a story' out of things!

2005-02-09 [Dark kitty kat]: noooooooooooooooooo you no my secret weapon evil did i mention evil secret weapon yes eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllll shame its on balt balt

2005-02-09 [Orouriel]: Like this! ^-^

2005-02-09 [Dark kitty kat]: like what

2005-02-09 [Law and Chaos]: ????!!!

2005-02-09 [Dark kitty kat]: that question was aimed at [Orouriel]

2005-02-09 [Law and Chaos]: Yeah. So was mine.

2005-02-09 [Dark kitty kat]: oh well ribbit mon

2005-02-09 [Dark kitty kat]: 100th comment ribbity ribbit mon

2005-02-09 [Orouriel]: I meant the paws of my entries to the left :-P

2005-02-09 [Opiel16]: (<wanting>i wanna gb color, and a gb printer, and a gb camera. their so old i cant find them anywhere *IT'S NOT FAIR!*)(<calm>actually it is, you already have loads of game stuff)(<calm>dont mind me, i have several personalities, and theyre still on the last page about games)(<calm>i have a wanting personality, a denial personality, a calm giving kind personality, an evil genious personality, a cat personality and a dog personality. this means i can do lots of different things)(<cat>i want to officially apologise to all those in my school who i have scratched and bit. my nails arent really long, their just sharp. but not ellie, she got me in trouble, and i only put her jumper in my mouth)

2005-02-09 [Opiel16]: (<dog>jenny jen jen jenny jen jenny jen jen jen jenny jen jen. hi jen!)(<cat>do you still obay her?)(<dog>of course, but only when she asks. she helped me get over my obsession with doorhandles)(<cat> well i obay no-one. hahahahaha! *evil cat laugh*)(<dog>your scaring me)(<cat>good, very good)(<calm>please stop yapping)(<dog>sorry)(<cat> no one can tell me what to do!)(<calm>just shut up please)(<cat>shutting up.)

2005-02-10 [Miss Lilu]: Coolies [Orouriel], lol slick stuff ^.^ ha ha

2005-02-10 [Law and Chaos]: There are loadsa gb stuff in the game store by us.

2005-02-10 [Bonk]: *tickles*

2005-02-10 [Dark kitty kat]: yep gamestation

2005-02-10 [Dark kitty kat]: ribbit mon

2005-02-21 [Mystearica Grants]: I really like your [Miss Lilu].

2005-02-21 [Dark kitty kat]: please keep your relationships on your own messaging

2005-02-21 [Law and Chaos]: Ha ha ha dean

2005-02-21 [Dark kitty kat]: i wasent being funny

2005-02-21 [Law and Chaos]: Dean. It meant 'I like your's' not 'I like you'

2005-02-21 [Dark kitty kat]: ohhhh must be that idiot gland in me

2005-02-21 [Law and Chaos]: Yeah. That one.

2005-02-21 [Dark kitty kat]: or was it the fatty gland

2005-02-21 [Law and Chaos]: Both must be coenciding with each other.

2005-02-21 [Dark kitty kat]: maybe

2005-02-23 [Law and Chaos]: Dont start this. You have done this on other comments sites so stop it.

2005-02-23 [nokaredes]: hmmm...he's not the only one watching this wiki, you know.

2005-02-23 [catelfemma]: Should I delete all that? It seems a bit pointless - apart from being completely unrelated to the wiki.

2005-02-23 [Dark kitty kat]: what are you about

2005-02-23 [nokaredes]: Probably...

2005-02-24 [Law and Chaos]: Yeah. Deleate it. He is constantly doing this on other wikis. I had to threaten to close down one of my wikis.

2005-02-25 [Bonk]: *tickles all* =^-^=

2005-02-26 [nokaredes]: ack! not that again...

2005-02-27 [Miss Lilu]: Thank you for the compliment [Mystearica Grants] (asumeing you did mean your's and not your. ^.^

2005-02-27 [catelfemma]: Still a compliment! If anyone hasn't entered yet and wants to, you have one day left.

2005-03-05 [catelfemma]: The poll to decide which border (out of ones chosen by the crew) is now open on Miauwstreet! Go and vote!

2005-03-12 [Dark kitty kat]: monkey poops

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