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2006-05-14 21:46:09
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Here are some information about ASCII-art gathered. ASCII art is images consisting of the characters and symbols on your keyboard/computer.

Copied Ascii art are generally not allowed in houses as it might look cool to you, but it's very boring to see the same things in a lot of houses, and it makes the presentations big without adding anything interesting.

Were to see it?

Not only is Joan Stark so well-known for her ascii stuff, she's also now in the wikipedia ;) I couldn't get to her homepage because it has exceeded it's bandwidth, but here's her wikipedia entry that also includes a ton of links for her:

And while there, also found this link that has a ton of links at the bottom to some ascii galleries:



Reporting ASCII art

Write a guard-report by pressing the 'Report this member to the guards' button in the member's house and write something like "Copied ASCII art in house presentation." Please do not copy the entire text of the ASCII art into your report!

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