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---Felines of Moria---


So i see you have stumbled under the couch. Welcome my friends(and foes) Moria. This is the world were felines live in peace even through death. Here is where the followers and rules of [---impy---] are. This is their kingdom, their Moria.


---Impy, high ruler---

Impy was the greatest cat that I've ever known. He was my best friend and my first true love. (shut up about beasiality you morons)
He was with me for alittle over a year or two before he ran away. Seeing as he was deaf (supposedly) and declawed he didn't make it far.
Where and when and if he died I do not know. I will never want to know. In my mind he lives forever.
He ghost is still seen though I will not bother to explain it anymore.



---Ciaro, high temptress---

Ciaro has been with us for almost ten years now and she has gone through so much with us. House fire, moves, new cats left and right and still she comes home everynight to go "Mrat!" at us 'till we feed her.
She's known for hopping onto the laps of unsuspecting strangers who come into our house. My mum's friend Stef and my other half are two victums. She's also prone to slobber when she is petted.

(pictures coming later)


---Albert, The Mage---

Albert was the second gray cat that we had. The first, Einstein, died of kidney failure and had to be put down. Albert ran off and still lives in our neighborhood but I haven't seen him in awhile.



---Cinnamon, The princess---

Cinnamon was adopted this past fall from the humane society downtown. I was supposed to get a kitten but my mum decided she wanted to get one instead. So I came home one day and their she was....a little orange fuzzball.
This little brat refused to eat cat chow when we first were trying to get her off kitten chow. Ever since we adopted her she's been our little princess. Even though we died her ears pink and she's got a purple dye spot on her head. (She knows she looks good)

First..some kitten pictures. And yes she still has that damnable collar that rings all over the friggin' house. Hehe...mum used to take it off of her at night. Then she learned she didn't want it on and when we would put it on her she would lay there and not move. Dork...




---Peter, The ancient---

Peter we don't have any pictures of, but this cat was a cat who was really really old. My mother got him before she was married to my father and that was over 18 years ago. He survived untill I was about 9 or 10 and then was killed on a busy road I live around. (Reynolds for those who live in my area)


---Honey, The aphrodite---

 Honey was a little ginger colored cat that we owned. She was a gentle cat and would often wake me up by pouncing on my head in the middle of the night....just to get petted.
 She was given away to a farm (*glares at past*) when she became pregnant.


---Andy, The jester---

 Andy was a calico we had a long time ago. We didn't have her long because she also became pregnant and was given away. She was one of Honey's children. I don't remember much more about her other than she loved sleeping on my mums bed.


---Einstien, The laptop---

I don't remember much of Einstien either. I simply remember he was an outside cat who loved my stepdad. He was Rich's cat...all the way.
Einstien passed away from body complications after he ran away. My mother and stepfather searched for a week. A week after he went missing they found him in a pile of leaves at the top of out driveway almost dead. They immediatlely took him to the vet's who put him to sleep.


---Licorice, The medecine cat---

Licorice was Ciaro's brother from the same litter of kittens. He also stayed with us longer than Impy. Long enough to make it through the first move. He was hit by a passing car on a country road where we used to live.

This is my warning to all people who think it's ok to drive fast on country roads: YOU'RE FOOLS!! PEOPLE LIVE OUT THERE TOO!!!

He will be missed.


^^he's the black one^^


---Oliver, the baby---

This kitten was rejected from my grandfather's farm. (My grandfather breeds only black and white cats. If a cat is too much of one color he gets rid of it.) My grandmother brought this kitten to our farm and let it go in the barn. I caught Oliver and took him inside (and to clean up my scratch wounds).

Oliver went through eight or nine names before Oliver stuck with him. He was a beautiful semi-long haired black and white tuxedo looking cat. Why he wasn't good enough for Don...I don't know...

He was stolen from us by a plumber who constantly commented on how beautiful he was. The last time he did plumbing work for us, was the last day we saw Oliver.


So those are them. The lovely's of Moria. Bow to them.

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